Sharpening the axe

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We have mentioned before the impact made by the radio speaker in the Himalayas. Those audio messages speaking about the deep knowledge of God’s Scripture that are recorded on the SD card have played a vital role among the uneducated community in bringing many to Jesus. I must thank our generous partners for your support for these radio speakers that are handy and easy to handle.

Ps. P says, “The technology has come far, hasn’t it? We have never imagined that we would ever touch such technologies. This is so engaging. I am so happy that now I can learn more from God’s scripture. I will carry it wherever I shall go and work. Many will be amazed to see this. I will share more of the Gospel through it. This will help me to share sermons in our church service too. Praise the Lord. I am so happy, pastor.”

Dear partners, I believe in a small act of kindness resulting in a big impact. This is how we have reached many in the Himalayas already. Thanks to you who are always standing with us in your regular prayer. May God bless you.

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