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Parentless cries

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As life in the most desolate high mountains is very harsh, the conditions of the children are even worse. Sometimes it is very difficult to explain the vulnerability of Himalayan children in words. There is no food, life, education, or social security in their favor. They are open to any harm and extremely vulnerable to life-threatening situations. Simply, to put it in a sentence, they have no future. They are just growing up in the woods and are ending their beautiful childhood in the dust.

My heart fills with a burden for them. I pray that these adorable and innocent hands would hold textbooks and see school doors but unfortunately, many don’t have parents. These children have their own tragic stories about their parents. Some of them haven’t ever known a father or mother. Some are completely orphaned. Some are being raised by their relatives while some are being raised by villagers. But it is difficult for these people to help these children. The ones who are raising them are helpless to feed them anymore because of poverty and their own life struggles. However, if these children could receive any external support for their studies, then they are likely to succeed and would have a brighter future.

Dear partners, would you kindly consider praying for them and their bright future? These adorable children are desperate to grow in Christ and read Bible in the Sunday school. But before that, they need to get enrolled in school to learn the letters.

In doing this, I am sure, we will be raising great native missionaries for the kingdom of Heaven.

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Sharpening the axe

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We have mentioned before the impact made by the radio speaker in the Himalayas. Those audio messages speaking about the deep knowledge of God’s Scripture that are recorded on the SD card have played a vital role among the uneducated community in bringing many to Jesus. I must thank our generous partners for your support for these radio speakers that are handy and easy to handle.

Ps. P says, “The technology has come far, hasn’t it? We have never imagined that we would ever touch such technologies. This is so engaging. I am so happy that now I can learn more from God’s scripture. I will carry it wherever I shall go and work. Many will be amazed to see this. I will share more of the Gospel through it. This will help me to share sermons in our church service too. Praise the Lord. I am so happy, pastor.”

Dear partners, I believe in a small act of kindness resulting in a big impact. This is how we have reached many in the Himalayas already. Thanks to you who are always standing with us in your regular prayer. May God bless you.

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A way in the dark valley

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“To your descendants, I will give this land.” Genesis 12:7

In many remote and hidden villages, there are many untold testimonies of changed lives and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Our believers living in terrible suffering know the deepest secrets of the unreached Himalayas. They come from a community worshipping natural deities. Every oldest boy of the house is trained in witch doctor practices and the occult. This way of life does not bring any happiness or hope for a better future.

Now everything is changed. When these restless souls learned of Jesus, their traditional beliefs ceased to exist. As the feet of native missionaries reached the village, the demonic hold over that place was defeated. It is our greatest honor to serve the Lord in such a deadly place.

Recently our team hiked for a full day to reach such a place. We held a big conference among 200+ believers. All of them came from distant places. They were so thirsty for the scriptures that they were presented. The powerful messages filled that thirst for everyone, from elders to children. It was a joy to be among them and be welcomed by their warm hospitality. At the end of the conference, we enjoyed a feast and discussed our difficulties and conditions before and after the pandemics.

Our senior native missionary Ps. R says, “He is our refuge and our fortress; My God, in Him we trust. He has covered our believers with His feathers. And under His wings, we have received refuge; His truth is our shield and buckler. If we had never known Him, we would perish away in the darkest valley of death. But now we walk through that dark valley in His light. We will always be grateful to all those who prayed and supported us.”

Dear partners, it is indeed a glory to the Lord that the people of this land have bowed before Jesus and are now worshiping Him. Your generosity and prayerful support has built a church as a lighthouse comforting many in their desperate anguish.

Thank you very much for your partnership.

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The new year 2022

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The year 2021 ended with loads of blessings. I personally learned many things. I gained a renewed revelation of the importance of spending personal time with God. I learned the value of family time and good health care, as well as many other things. I am also very humbled that I could share what I learned with many and encourage them in their daily lives. I was encouraged myself as I encouraged others. To many, the year 2021 may have been a year of loss, but I see God’s restoration in 2022. I see God filling our homes with blessings and the provisions we need. I see God keeping us safe throughout pandemics.

We were able to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Church in KTM with our believers. Our youth volunteers helped us in the campfire, the elders of the church assisted in preparing the BBQ, and the sisters helped in preparing the meals.

I am so delighted to share that our church is really growing stronger as a family. How did your New Year’s Eve go? Let us hear and rejoice with you too.

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Imparting the Vision

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I believe that, apart from prayer and any support, meeting our pastor and missionaries in person is a must. The face-to-face meeting can provide more closeness, clear perception, and helps us to understand each other better. Not only do we have the opportunity to gather information and plan about the future, but we also form bonds of love for fellow brothers in the full-time work of the ministry. This is evidenced by the attachment we possess that results in tears and long hugs while meeting and sharing our greetings when we first meet them again.

This time, we had a wonderful opportunity to have a leadership meeting with our amazing mission field leaders and to impart to them as encouragement, RHMI’s vision. We also were able to listen to them in person rather than reading their testimonies and reports in writing. They were very happy to see us and welcome us with their hospitality. All thanks are to the Lord for the quality time we were able to spend with them.

When they write their reports to me, they would always say, “God has given me abundantly. I need nothing but kindly pray for my Church members.” But to see the reality of the situation left me speechless.

As I physically inspected their situation, I saw a huge difference. In their reports, they did not focus on their anxiety, scarcity, and grief. They never wrote me about their problems and lack. All they have always learned is to thank God and look to Him for their provision.

As I asked, “Why didn’t you tell me about your problems in the family?”

They replied, “We are the redeemed ones. We are already blessed with His provision. Of course, we need regular support but we are also well-acquainted with poverty. We know how earnestly you are praying for us so that we can have regular food on our table. God has always provided us before we even ask Him. Our faith is in Christ. And most importantly, our mouth must speak blessings all the time, not lack and miseries.” I was humbled as I heard them speak.

Dear partners, again, this is the reason for my motivation to minister to God in the Himalayas.

Thank you very much for your love, prayer support, and partnership.

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Passionate for Christ

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Pastor Issac has been ministering to God for more than 25 years even in every extreme situation of his life. There is not a corner of his village and neighboring villages where he hasn’t reached and shared the Gospel.

Unfortunately, he cannot visit and follow up with the people regularly due to the distance and the difficulty of traveling to some villages. To reach those villages it takes a whole day or sometimes more. During the travel, they pass through dense forests, climb steep mountains, trek along rough routes and desolate mountains. Because they don’t the proper gear to travel with, missionaries like Pastor Issac have encountered severe difficulties that sometimes causes long-term sickness.

Still, they will not stop sharing the Gospel. They say, ‘God’s kingdom is near and we still have so much more to do.’

Dear partners, this is the reason for my motivation as I mentioned in the introduction.

My heart becomes overwhelmed by the hardship of these faithful men and women of God. Thank you, partners, for loving my people and helping them to remain passionate about extending the kingdom of God. Because of your generosity, we were successful in distributing 28 travel kits to missionaries. Knowing someone cares enough about them to give these gifts encourages them to be even more faithful and hopeful in Christ. Thank you, partners, this is a big reason we appreciate and are grateful to God for letting us do the honor of distributing these travel kits.

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Impacting Lives

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I believe that men find reasons to live the way they do. The people of the Himalayas have been my passion, what has influenced me, and my reason for ministering to God in all the circumstances of my life. And I feel humbled that RHMI is filled with wonderful men and women of God – in fact, my true companions.

Every single time as I praise the hardship of our incredible native missionaries of the Himalayas, I come to remember Matthew 5:10 that states, ‘Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.’

They are the real blessed people crying out the greatest and powerful name above all other names and seeking the joy of the kingdom of Heaven.

These people are the reason for my motivation. Dear partners, I appreciate your love and affection towards my people and caring about them. Thank you very much for your generosity and understanding of their grief.

I speak Proverbs 11:25 over you and your kindness. May the following report bring to you joy and delight in knowing the outcome of your faithful investment.

Sometime later, RHMI was able to establish a new sewing center in her place, it brought Kumari and the other women in similar situations to tears. Kumari said, “Pastor Haron, it is a direct call from my Jesus. He has bestowed His love over my situation and has not forsaken me just as He has promised in the Bible. As I care for my 3 children, He has cared for me. I don’t know how I will be able to repay you for the help you have provided me, pastor. How great those hearts are who helped us with these wonderful gifts. May God bless them. Now, I can be self-sufficient and provide for my children. My bad days have gone. Thank you, pastor.”

RHMI believes that this ministry which is impacting a huge community with a very small effort of kindness shouldn’t be stopped or paused. So many hopeless and anxious sisters in the Himalayas have found hope, peace, and salvation through our sewing ministry.

Thank you for your partnership.

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Wishing you a blessed Easter Sunday

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Wow! Our Salvation Day is coming near. I’m so excited!

I can’t wait to rejoice and share happiness with my people, glorifying Jesus and thanking Him for His sacrifice. Unfortunately, there are so many who still have not heard the name of Jesus. Easter is a strange and unknown matter for them. My heart is so heavy with sadness for them.

Many people in the Himalayas are still living their life in terror and darkness. The repeated practices of self-mutilation, self-torturing, shamanism, and superstitions hurts the heart of Jesus every time they commit them. He says, “I died for you so you would not have to do this.” These people desperately need to hear that they do not have to live in grief, fear, and constant turmoil. Their salvation is only in Jesus, and He has already redeemed every one of them. They only need to believe in Him. They only need to hear.

The good news is we can make a big difference with simple yet powerful strategies. Here are some of the ways how you can help transform many lives and impact a huge community in the Himalayas.

Native missionary Support

How about hitting two targets with one arrow? Regular native missionary monthly support of $50-$100 helps them to provide for their families. By lessening the burden of supporting family, our well-trained and spiritually equipped missionaries are free to focus on staying passionate for Jesus as they work to bring hundreds to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through sharing the Gospel and regular outreaches.

Learn More

Children Support

Small yet effective support of $25 monthly to native children for their education can assure their hope of a better tomorrow and bright future. It can fulfill their desires of gaining education, help erase the difficulties of poverty and build well-educated missionaries with the love of Jesus Christ.

Learn More

Clean water wells

A gift of $1500 for a clean water well not only becomes a focal point for many to get fresh water but also will provide an invitation to the only way, truth, and life; that is Jesus Christ. The scripture engraved on the slate plaque above the tap stirs curiosity in many which leads to open questions and Gospel sharing opportunities.

Sewing Machine

A gift of $160 for a sewing machine help can make vulnerable and needy women self-sufficient. Being able to earn a living making and repairing clothes keeps them from getting caught up sex trafficking. RHMI sewing centers are a friendly place for them to share companions, erase their loneliness, minimize their personal grief, and learn more about Christ all while learning to sew.

Learn More

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Small Gift but Huge impact

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Mahendra Tharu is a 50-year-old man who is physically unable to travel as he used to do in his younger years. However, he is so committed to God that even today he still travels to distant places for sharing the Gospel, helping church members in emergencies, and other ministerial activities. There are many other obedient men of God like Mahendra who know only to give but never to ask. Last time on our visit, our tears rolled down as we saw some of their worn-out shoes and roughly stitched jackets. Our prayers started right then.

We are so blessed by generous partners like you, that God mobilized us through you, to express His love for them. How wonderful it is. We are glad to let you know that we distributed not just one or two but 17 travel kits to those beloved native mission field leaders. They were very excited to receive such gifts.

Many of them immediately took off their jackets and put on the new ones. Some of them hugged the shoes and tried them on instantly.

As Mahendra received one of those travel kits, he said something that caught our attention. He uttered, “Pastor Haron, my clothes have definitely worn out but my heart for Christ has never worn out. I understand the cost that my Christ paid for my sin. Sometimes, as I walk miles with bare feet, I would remember the nailed feet of Christ and thank Him for my situation. I would look at my worn-out jacket and feel embarrassed to meet new people, but my renewed spirit within me and my thirst for more of Christ would keep me going.

I have always known my Father cares for me. Pastor Haron, I am going to take these back home and have all my family kneel down, stretch hands over these gifts, and thank God for the generous person who understood the message of God on my behalf.

Whoever supported me with these gifts must have known the situation I have been through. That person is a great and true man or woman of God. May God bless him or her.”

How touching it was.

We have no words other than to thank you partners for your love and humble concern. Your prosperity and success in every endeavor are always on our prime prayer lists. May God bless you forever.


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Junction for Christ

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I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.~ Psalm 32:8

This profound statement of God keeps me alive. It’s not me or my self-desire but God’s calling that prompts me to go where He wants me to work on His behalf. And I worry for nothing because He is my shepherd and my provider.

Dear partners,

sometimes I struggle to find words to describe the mightiness of our God. The way He is leading RHMI is indescribable and beyond my imagination. His mighty plans of showing love and concern to His people are just incredible. We, the RHMI team, are happy and satisfied to enjoy being His ambassadors and channels of His blessings to the people of the Himalayas.

We believe God blesses us so we can pass those blessing on to others. Thank you, partners, for being faithful to God’s calling. We appreciate your kindness, generosity, and love over our land.

I want to let you know the astounding success we have achieved these past few months, through the following report. I must say, without your generous support, these blessings to others would not have been possible.

May God bless you abundantly!

Junction for Christ

Out of many ministerial tasks we have done so far, sewing machine support to the needy women of far-west Nepal has always had a major impact on lives. Especially with girls at risk of sex-trafficking and of domestic violence. Many times, learning to sew and the use of a sewing machine has boosted the confidence of many highly vulnerable women; the confidence of being financially independent.

Ms. Sita Rana, with tearful eyes, looked at us and said, “I trust God and His presence. He does exist for He has answered my prayers and blessed me. After my husband left me, I was completely alone and hopeless to further my life but the sewing center has not only given me hope but offered me a meeting place where I can meet my church sisters often. Now, I can expand my Christian friends circle, learn more about God, and provide for my children by myself.”

Dear partners, as you can see, sewing centers have not only supported this sister to become independent financially but have supported many women from socio-economic and social perspectives. Yes, we are making a big impact and are transforming lives in Christ. Praise the Lord. Thank you for your partnership.