How we serve?

We are committed to serving the 'unreached and lost' native people of the Himalayas, who have still not heard the Name of the Jesus Christ. We reach out to remote villages and people to show them the great love of Jesus by providing them hope and resources to transform their own lives and help other villagers through following ways.


Equipping Nationals

RHMI is committed to training, sponsoring, and supporting
native pastors and evangelists who have been called to
church planting and sharing the Gospel, as well as providing
for the physical needs of people via food, medicine, clean
water, and shelter. With few or no cultural barriers to
overcome, as they are already integrated into the area.

Training Leaders

Training Leaders

RHMI trains laborers to go to the most unreached people and places where the name of Jesus has never been preached before. The training is geared specifically towards those who are called to evangelize and plant churches. Such training, including in-depth Bible teachings, provides them adequate strategies to combat any difficulties, and overcome hindrances.


Church Planting

The goal of evangelism as given by our Lord Jesus Christ is to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20) Church planting is at the heart of RHMI. Planting churches is one of the most difficult ministerial works that help to overcome the difficulties and persecutions faced by many house churches. Open churches and underground churches are planted in different parts of the Himalayan regions. They become the lighthouse, the healing place, and a fortress of these areas.


Sponsoring Children

RHMI is committed to taking care of the impoverished children of the remote Himalayas by sponsoring them for their education, food, clothing, and shelter. With high levels of poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition, the orphans and neglected children of the Himalayas need help to give them hope for a better future and a better society. RHMI is currently sponsoring 150 children and taking care of their education in the Himalayas.

Empowering Women

Empowering Women

RHMI advocates and takes a stand on the behalf of the widowed, single, divorced, uneducated, neglected, discriminated, and trafficked women of the rural villages of the Himalayas by providing them sustainable training like sewing training and livestock raising. They are taught to read and given business awareness training to make them self-independent. Through such training, many women are running their own businesses, and can look after themselves, their children, families, allocate tithes, serve the church, and support ministry. Our main goal is to provide hope to those who have no hope.


Film Ministry

There are hundreds of innocent people in the remote Himalayas who are illiterate and have never heard the name of Jesus and don’t easily understand the Gospel explained in words. But now through films about Jesus that depict His life, they can see and believe. These films have resulted in many transformations and repentance.

Impacting young generation


Impacting Young Generation

Arrow is a native youth club designed to provide spiritual and practical teachings through youth camps and different short mission trips twice a year to the remote villages of the Himalayas. There they get the opportunity to minister and perform humanitarian social works. Our main goal is to encourage native youths to meet, explore, and see the Himalayan lifestyle and do culture exchange. We motivate youths to become the next generation of warriors for God.

Blessed Life Radio

"The Blessed Life"

Radio Broadcast

Through the Radio Broadcast named 'The Blessed Life' we reach many unreached villages of the Himalayas that are inaccessible other than by airwaves. We are reaching believers, as well as non-believers, by broadcasting powerful, simple, practical, motivational, and in-depth Bible teachings. Believers from different mission fields can listen to the broadcast through the mini radio speakers distributed by RHMI. The broadcast is also on the internet for those that can access it.

Himalayan Daya Rescue Home

Himalayan Daya Rescue Home

At RHMI we are passionate about demonstrating the love of Jesus by rescuing many underprivileged children of the Himalayas. We provide them with a safe home environment and give them physical and spiritual care. Our goal is to make them feel special by sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

Feeding Children

Feeding Children

There are many underprivileged children in the Himalayas who do not have nutritious or even adequate food. Under the feeding program, RHMI feeds nutritious foods to hundreds of children every year.