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Jacket & woolen caps distribution

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Warm clothes in such a cold place are always in demand. Many are living in poverty in this place. We thank our beloved father and our gracious partners, for providing 71 warm woolen caps for elderly people and 100 warm jackets to our beautiful children. We find ourselves blessed to provide these clothes to such needy ones. Their tearful eyes and heartfelt thanks made us feel even more blessed. Hallelujah!

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We wish you a Merry Christmas.

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Dear partners,

Greetings with Love!

In this special season of Christmas, we take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude towards our God for your exemplary love and partnership with RHMI. Your friendship, prayers, and brotherly love are the essential assets that have raised RHMI to an extra level. We thank you wholeheartedly for your substantial intervention and sacrificial generosities. What a glorious journey to travel cooperatively.

As years pass by and ends in the Christmas, with elegant celebrations, we look ahead for stronger bonding of our friendship and greater kingdom works in the upcoming days. Your sacrificial giving, generosities, and prayer supports are the reasons behind the triumph we celebrate and rejoice. Thank you very much always being there.

Your health, prosperity, success in your businesses and family’s wellness has always been a top priority of our regular prayer. We also pray that your continued prayer and support will help us win more souls, reach the most unreached, unify more lost souls, and conquer most of the Himalayas with impactful transformation this Christmas. We appreciate everything that you have bestowed to RHMI with the love of Jesus Christ.

December is the best opportunity season of outreaching and evangelizing hundreds of native people proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ and his birth. Dozens of outreaches will be held proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ, and it is happening in different villages right now. Our national workers are risking their lives to deliver the gospel in a very hostile setting. We can partner with them by sharing our resources.

However, we want to let you know that due to COVID-19 ongoing issues, this year’s Christmas is not permitted to get celebrated in most of the city areas. Therefore, we are traveling to yet another risky place of the Himalaya from 20th to 28th December to celebrate Christmas with our mission field believers and do some humanitarian aid works. We humbly request you to pray for our upcoming mission trip and its success.

You can also support our native mission field leaders and families through different Christmas gifts which can enhance their happiness and turn out to be a great asset for an impactful life transformation.

You can choose from varieties of Christmas gifts from the Christmas Gift catalog:

We hope this Christmas will be a great celebration for you and your family. Once again,

we wish you a Merry Christmas.


Drug addiction to Jesus addiction

We were stunned by the first sentence this gentleman spoke. He said, ” I’m fed up with my life and I want to change. Help me before I commit suicide.”

He was so desperate to change his lifestyle that we could clearly sense his modality in a very pathetic situation. He continued sharing, “I am a burden to my family and my friends. I am a drug addict and I am living a bad life for many years and I don’t even know why I am doing this. I want a future, a good future. I just want to change, live a happy life and give a reason to my life. I heard Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Will you please introduce him to me?”

We could see a thirsty person searching for an eternal well. What a wonderful opportunity to share about Jesus with him. God touched his heart in a way that he repented and accepted Jesus instantly. Within the next week he took baptism and declared to spend the rest of his life ministering and serving God. What a transformation!


He has not only got transformed holistically but have encouraged many other addicted friends to come to Christ. He has led many to Churches and saved many lives through his personal testimony.

Thank you partners for your regular prayer that has resulted in such an effective transformation in the Himalayas.

Distance doesn’t matter

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.

~ Matthew 18:20

The tough situation of pandemic lockdown couldn’t stop the steadfast determination of worshipping God and gathering in fellowships. Due to the long gap of gathering of believers and doing fellowship, the need of the fellowship was comprehended to be more important than the risk of the COVID-19.

No sooner had we received ease in the lockdown, we visited believer’s houses and organized chain prayers for either the complete vanish of the deadly virus or the vaccines for its treatments.

Adopting an aspiring strategy

Sports support is a powerful tool for reaching out to the young people in the Himalayas. The friendly inter-church competitions in the Himalayas can be an exciting place and a great event for sharing the Gospel with many people at once. With a major aim of equipping youth with the Gospel in a big number and establish unity with many churches, RHMI distributed sports items, kits, and its accessories in the mission field of the Nepal-China border.

Sports doesn’t only keep one fit but brings two or more youths closer too. These community competitions and other events provide opportunities to have a great impact in the lives for the Lord. Suggestions to attend a coming Music festival soon to impact more lives was an inspiration. Dear Partners, thank you very much for joining hands to share this vision and support God’s ministry. Your prayer and sacrificial support have resulted in great impacts in the Himalayas.


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Children Ministry

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Recently, it was our joy to share quality time with some beautiful children of the Himalayas. We gave them chocolates and chatted with them. It was such a wonderful conversation to learn about their likes, dislikes, aims, passions, interests, and family backgrounds.

These children do not know what the Covid-19 pandemic is. They do not understand why their school is not resuming. But they are more concerned about what they will eat tonight and tomorrow. They are worried about what is going to happen to them.

While most people know about the beauty of the Himalayas, not everyone knows that it is also plagued with extreme poverty and dire circumstances for a large percentage of its population. Two out of three rural families live on less than $3.00 per day, and the children of these families are the most vulnerable segment of the population.

RHMI creates paths out of poverty for the orphaned and abandoned children in the Himalayas. Through sharing the love of Christ, investment in their quality education, and innovative mentorship, we help children to build lives of leadership.

Help us show them the right way to pursue higher studies. Pull them out of the poverty pit and introduce them to the greatness of the Lord. Your partnership matters to them.

Are We Inspiring The Next Generation To Lead
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Are We Inspiring The Next Generation To Lead?

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To See the world Changing with great impact, to motivate the Young hearts, raise the dead souls, and encourage the most aspiring actions; aren’t these the achievements, all we want?

Your life is worth exploring!

Here we present to you our yet another achievement, crossing big rivers, walking ups, downs, and sometimes flat surfaces through precipitous mountains, banging on the steep rocks, preaching, evangelizing, sharing love, concern, and doing humanitarian works in order to fulfill the commandments of the Bible.

With regards to getting touch with similar praises of the Lord, get in touch with the most powerful mind-blowing actions and stimulating testimonies coming to you from the most sacred high places of Himalayas.