Get Involved

Get Involved

We carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ through many ministerial projects all over the Himalayas and with each new believer there is a greater expectation of a growing harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God. Making Jesus famous in places of the Himalayas brings the Light of the world to parts of this region never having heard the name Jesus Christ.

Apart from God's provision, protection, anointing and winning souls, a beautiful and healthy partnership motivates our native mission field leaders with great impact. Through a sacrificial commitment each leader remains positive, focused, and determined regardless of time, weather or circumstances. We are blessed through Jesus!

Our Goals

Our Goals

For many of our gracious partners who have hearts for the Himalayas, yet can't be physically present in such places, we intervene and become your mediator to assist on your behalf.

With the sacrificial support of our like-minded partners having similar vision and mission, we target to accomplish our every program with excellence through the love of Jesus satisfying the vision of our partners.


Take Action


Help native people eat nutritious food to maintain good health.


Help someone to learn to read Bible on their own in the Himalayas

Share your love through lunch and gifts on Christmas.

Children Bible

Help Children engaged in reading Bibles and knowing Jesus on their own.


Help Children come near to God through VBS incorporated with fun and spiritual teachings.

Education Scholarship

Help a native impoverished Child to read and write.

Warm Jacket

Help someone stay warm during shivering winter season.

Piglets$60 (Pair)

Lend your generous hands to someone to start a sustainable business.

Training Leaders

Extend your hands to train leaders and build spiritual confidence in them.

Sewing Machine

Help Native women to become self-independent through skill training.

Milking Cow

Help someone to become independent starting agriculture on their own.

Water Buffalo

Livestock support provides nourishment and income to the family.


Goats can be helpful in income generating strategies.

Stretcher to carry sick people

Livestock support provides nourishment and income to the family.

Chicken$16 (Pair)

A pair of Chickens can be sustainable business for a native family.


Help native missionaries reach distance places on time.


Help Native pastors reach different places and provide services on time.

Mosquito Nets

Protect native people from getting different diseases caused by mosquito bites.


Help deprived families remain warm during extreme cold weathers.

Water Filter

Protect the destitute from various diseases caused by dirty and unfiltered water.


Secure the safety of missionaries to sleep well during their travel.

Water Tank

Help a community to reserve water for several purposes.


Help uneducated people to hear lifesaving teachings in remote places.

Solar Light

Provide an opportunity to live, work, study and do activities under solar light in remote places.

Covid-19 Relief

Help someone to combat COVID-19 hunger with the love of Christ.

Disaster Relief

Provide immediate relief to bereaved and impoverished families.


Help a community to remain healthy and hygienic through proper toilets.

Tin Roof

A durable tin roof will provide a family a safe cover to keep them dry, especially during the monsoons.

Local Outreach

Help missionaries to do evangelistic outreach to many in the remote villages.

Jesus Film Ministry

Help a community to watch films about the life of Jesus. It can transform whole communities.

Native Missionary

Support Missionaries working day and night for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Clean Water Well

Impact a community by providing clean drinking water.

Cement Water Tank

Impact a community with a water reservior system for clean water for various purposes.

Church Building

Help native believers build a church building to fellowship in as a body of believers.


Support Native people to Yak farm. Yaks produce nutritious milk that can be made into butter, cheese, and yogurt.

Bee Hive

Help native people to become self-independent. Support for these startups helps build sustainable businesses.