Month: December 2022

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The Birth of Messiah!

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The Christmas celebrations at Journey Fellowship Church and churches throughout the Himalayas were a great success! One could feel the festive atmosphere as believers gathered to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the hope and love that He brings.

The celebrations featured various activities, including joyous carol singing, dancing, gift sharing, and feasts. Non-believers also participated and enjoyed the festivities, and many came to understand the meaning and significance of the birth of the redeemer Jesus Christ. These programs were an excellent way for believers to come together and celebrate the holiday in a meaningful and fun way.

The singing and dancing were delightful as believers lifted their voices in praise and moved to the rhythm of the music. The skits were also a hit, as they provided a creative and engaging way for attendees to learn about the story of Jesus’ birth and the significance of the holiday.

Overall, the Christmas celebrations at Journey Fellowship Church and churches throughout the Himalayas were a great success. We thank God for His faithfulness and the opportunity to come together and celebrate the birth of Jesus in a important and joyous way.

Dear Partners, How was your Christmas? We would love to be part of the blessings you enjoyed with your friends and family. Do share them with us too.

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Warm Regards in the Cold

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I am enormously pleased to share that many active and dynamic house fellowships are taking place in the Himalayan region. Despite the cold weather, people from distant places gather to hear the Words of God and seek His guidance and direction for their lives.

The atmosphere of the evening fellowship in Mid-West Nepal was electric as believers gathered together to worship, pray, and study the Bible. Several came forward to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior after hearing the Gospel message.

It was a powerful reminder of the transformative power of the Gospel and the hunger that many people have for the love and hope that it offers. Despite their challenges and hardships, these eager people were willing to brave the cold and travel great distances to seek the truth and find salvation in Jesus.


We thank God for His faithfulness and the opportunity to share His love and message with those seeking Him. We pray that these new believers will continue to grow in their faith and be a light to those around them, sharing the hope and love of Jesus with those in need.

Thank you, my beloved Friends and partners, for your sacrifical love and prayers over my people.

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Brotherhood Reunion

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The recent Men’s Summit Conference in two separate places in the Himalayas was a resounding success, with powerful and encouraging sermons that energized the missionaries in attendance and uplifted their spirits. The conference was attended by a diverse group of missionary brothers from all walks of life, united in their desire to serve the Lord and spread His message of love and hope.

The conference began with a stirring opening address with a powerful message of Arise and Build.

Throughout the conference, attendees were treated to a series of inspiring talks and workshops, each designed to help them grow in their faith and become more effective in their missionary work. I shared my personal experiences and insights, offering practical tips and encouragement to help attendees overcome challenges and stay focused on their mission.

One of the conference’s highlights was a panel discussion featuring veteran missionaries who shared their stories of faith and resilience in the face of adversity. As their testimonies unfolded, I was deeply touched by the struggles and triumphs they faced while spreading the Gospel.

Overall, the Men’s Conference was a powerful and uplifting experience that left attendees feeling energized and inspired to continue their work for the Lord. The conference provided a valuable opportunity for attendees to connect, share their experiences, and receive encouragement and guidance as they seek to fulfil their calling as missionaries.

After the successful Men’s Conference, the missionary brothers enjoyed a feast to celebrate their hard work and the uplifting experience of the conference. The brothers took turns sharing stories and memories from their time as missionaries, laughing and reminiscing about the challenges and triumphs they had experienced along the way. Many expressed gratitude for the opportunity to attend the conference and be inspired by the powerful sermons and workshops.


As the evening drew to a close, the brothers gathered around the table to give thanks for the food, the fellowship, and the opportunity to serve the Lord. They left the feast feeling renewed and energized, ready to continue their missionary work with renewed vigor and dedication.




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Plunge in Christ


Ps P says, “Pastor Haron, this is what I have understood about the decisive aspect of baptism – it is a way for believers to identify with Jesus in His death, burial, and resurrection. When people are baptized, they are symbolically dying to their old selves and being raised to new life in Christ. This identification with Jesus is a powerful reminder of the love, grace, and forgiveness that He offers to all who believe in Him. And I must say, today, these 21 newborn souls who decided to follow Jesus and allowed Him to change their lives have activated powerful expressions of the transformative power of God’s love and grace.”

It is an immense joy to welcome these amazing 21 souls who made the decision to follow Jesus and be obedient to Lord’s command to be baptized despite relentless persecution and temptation.

I am grateful to our faithful missionary leaders who encourage these new believers to take this vital step in their faith journey. Through their ceaseless dedication and hard work, they have transformed communities and helped to grow God’s family in the Himalayas.

I express my gratitude to our partners for their faithful generosity and love toward the people of the Himalayas. Your support has significantly impacted the lives of so many, and we are deeply grateful. May we continue to grow together in Christ.