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Reach Himalaya Ministries International

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Reach Himalaya Ministries International

Warm Blankets

Warm blankets during winter in Nepal are vital to good health and survival. The ice-cold winds penetrate the tiny shelters people of the Himalayas build. In the remote villages even though the people sleep in layers of clothing because there is little building insulation in their homes, warm blankets are lifesaving to them as a fire to keep warm at night is often not possible. Poor families in the mountains and remote areas have little for themselves. Multiple warm blankets, if they have the luxury of multiple blankets, are used on one bed as families must huddle together in the coldest nights to keep warm as they sleep. Often, one very heavy blanket and additional blankets must be used to keep warm.

Himalayan blankets are usually made from the Yak fiber wool shed by yaks. Some native Himalayan people in the mountains continue to rely on these blankets. In the mountains as the night temperatures drop dangerously low, Himalayan blankets are the best to keep from freezing. Modern fiber made blankets are reasonable in cost to have multiple blankets in remote village homes. But many families do not have income for a sufficient number of warm blankets for all needed in their own homes for winter. RHMI helps to provide blankets to these families in need of warm blankets.

Making JESUS FAMOUS All over the Himalayas

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