Christmas Gift
Catalog 2023
As we celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ, you can bring hope to families in the remote Himalayas. Browse our 2023 Christmas Catalog and pick out a gift to purchase in honor of a friend or family member. READ MORE
Hearing The Voice Of Destitute Hearing the
Voice of the
Poverty is pain.
Poor people suffer physical pain that comes with too little food and long hours of work; emotional pain of the daily shame of need and the lack of ability to do anything about it…
What does a Child
of The Himalaya
Children in the Himalayas want to see
their feet stepping through the doors of the school. They want to study and read books and write lessons. They want to wear school ties around their necks…
The Risk of Reaching The Unreached The Risk of
Reaching the
In order to harvest a crop, you must sow some seeds and let them grow. They will do their work of growing and then you will have a crop for harvest. Have you done that? READ MORE

What We Do

Helping people meet their Spiritual needs- Helping people to know Jesus
Helping people meet their physical needs- Helping people to know success

Equipping Nationals

We are committed to training and supporting native pastors and evangelists in the remotest places of the Himalayas.
Impacting Lives

We are committed to take care of the impoverished children and provide facilities to reach them with God’s love in every village in the Himalayas.
Transforming Community

Dozens of RHMI initiatives are improving the lives of hundreds of families in the Himalayas.


3 Ways To Engage With Us

3 Ways To Engage With Us


We Stand in the Gap
Ezekiel 22:30


We share funds
Luke 16:9


We send people to the Himalayas.
Mark 16:15


Recent Projects

Your Giving Makes a Big Difference

Your prayers and generosity are the reasons for the beautiful smiles of the underprivileged and downtrodden native people of Nepal. Your support has conveyed love, given hope and awakened dreams in people's hearts that so often felt defeated by their lack. You have literally helped light a fire in many kitchens, saved many from depression and unpleasant incidents, brought hope to many darkened lives, and most importantly given direction in leading lives through Jesus to salvation.

COVID-19 Relief Program

COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Many remotest Villages of the Himalayas are going through particularly challenging times as migrant workers and families with infants are either stranded...


Disaster Relief

There are nations in Southeast Asia that are devastated by annual floods, earthquakes, droughts, tsunamis, and cyclones that strike suddenly and without warning...

Well of Life

Well Of Life

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” Poor economic condition, difficult landscape, poor technology and insufficient planning...


“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few."
~ Luke 10:2