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Praise the Lord for we reached our destination safely. It was a joy to be welcomed by so many believers waiting for us for so long.

Our team was very exhausted from the trip. All we wanted was to sleep and get rested for the next day’s conference. We thanked God for providing us with the church room and warm sleeping bags to sleep.

Before going to bed, we had some conversations with Pastor P. and a few believers around a campfire. We wanted to hear their experiences amid the pandemic lockdown. We also wanted to know how the believers in the village were doing so we could prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s conference accordingly.

The statement Ps. P. spoke surprised us. He said, “The lockdown gave me a wonderful opportunity to read my Bible in-depth and come close to God once again. I spent my personal time with God. I am growing deeper in my relationship in Christ.”

One of the believers, Mr. Rana also added, “The lockdown gave me a great occasion to spend time with my family in prayers and fasting. We enjoyed the lockdown.”

Wow! What an inspiring moment it was to hear such words coming from them. Throughout the lockdowns, we were concerned about them and their faith, but we are so grateful to God that He is building our ministry more fruitfully.

After some hours of chatting with them, we slept soundly for we needed to be well-rested for the next day’s conference.

The next day was a big day. It was the conference day where we met so many unexpected numbers of our beloved believers. Beautiful smiles were glowing in their faces.

Focusing on the risks of the COVID-19 pandemics, we provided surgical masks to each believer before entering the conference. We also made them aware about the proper use of it and its benefits. Despite zero infected corona patients in the village, we wanted to make everyone aware about the current pandemic, its symptoms and preventive measures


Many people came to the conference. They were so hungry for the Lord’s eternal bread of life. Some even were standing outside and looking in the windows in order to hear the messages.

God manifested His mighty presence in the conference. Many thirsty believers quenched their thirst as their cups were refilled with spiritual abundance. Many believer’s faith was restored as they were fed the Word. Fellowships and church services have been interrupted during the prolonged coronavirus lockdowns. Our concern has been that some believers might be losing hope in Jesus during this time.

But our God is faithful. He made the way for our mission trip at the appropriate time to restore hope to many believers and encourage them stay firm in the plans of the Lord. Hallelujah!

After the conference we wanted to distribute some basic essential gifts to the believers. Since lockdown initial days, for the past six months, sanitary napkins have not reached many remote villages, forcing girls to go back to using unhygienic methods.

The RHMI team distributed sanitary pads to nearly 100 sisters. They were very appreciative of these gifts. A short training provided by a local sister on the proper use and disposal helped our sisters realize the importance and benefits of staying healthy and hygienic.

Thank you partners for your love and sweet concerns for our sisters.


Also, after the Radio speaker distribution, we distributed chocolates to the children. We spent some quality time with them talking about their interests and asking how much they love coming to Church and attending Sunday School.

One girl surprised us with her sweet answer. She said, “It is nice that Grandfather Jesus has shut our school because I don’t like studying. But… But… I miss playing with my best friends in the class. I like coming to Sunday school, to hear stories from the Bible, dance and play games with my friends.”

She further questioned us, “When will corona go?” We replied, “Ask Grandfather Jesus tonight in your prayer, Ok?” She nodded her head with a smile on her face.

It was great a moment to see those beautiful smiles on their faces. We see a great missionary in them. We pray every child shall receive scholarship and proper education along with Bible knowledge in the Church as well.

The feast after the conference is always the best moment to serve and chat with our believers, get to know each other more, learn about their hardships, and gather their feedback.

Many believers and their children had come from very far distance, travelling hours to attend the conference and receive the blessings. It was our immense joy to feed them with delicious food to satisfy their physical hunger.

Ps. P said, “The feast is always a great treat and a celebration of being one big family of our supreme God.” Our heartfelt appreciation and thanks go to the volunteers who helped us in preparing food for the feast. God is Great.

After the conference, we went to a river nearby and baptized 19 new believers. It was a joy to instruct them in the importance of water baptism through scriptures based on their decision to follow Jesus. We glorify our Lord that 19 new souls have been added in His kingdom. It is a great sign of healthy growth of our ministry.

Ms. Chaudhary was crying as she rose up from the water. She told us, “I can feel Jesus touching me and hugging me tight in His mighty arms.” Another brother, Mr. Rana said, ” As I came out of the river, I saw a bright light focused on me and God was calling my name.” Another sister with tearful eyes came near to us. As we asked, “Why are you crying?” She answered, “I never knew I could be worthy enough to get water baptized and be called one of His children.”

We could clearly see their passion, understanding, and steadfast faith towards the Lord. What an immense pleasure of being part of the baptism ceremony. God is truly awesome.

This mission trip has provided us with great experiences and unforgettable moments. Thank you partners for always being there and supporting us to win so many souls in the Heavenly realm. This would have never been possible without your tremendous support and sacrificial giving. Your help and prayers mean a lot for our successful mission trip. Thank you very much.

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