Reach Himalaya Ministries International, Inc | Mission
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We are a team of native pastors, and leaders, including new and seasoned believers, committed to taking the Gospel of Grace…God’s Word … to the people of the Himalayas who have still not heard the Name of Jesus Christ. Since the start of our ministry 18 years ago we have more than tripled the number of believers in the remote villages and in the mountains. Partnering with us helps us to continue to reach out to the remote villagers and show them the great love of Jesus by providing them hope and resources to transform their own lives and help other villagers.



The goal of evangelism as given by our Lord Jesus Christ is to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20) Church planting is at the heart of RHMI. Everywhere we go, people are turning to Christ all over the Himalayas.

RHMI trains laborers to go to the most unreached people and places where the name of Jesus has never been preached before. The training is geared specifically towards those who are called to church planting ministry.





This is why RHMI is committed to training and supporting native pastors and evangelists who have been called to church planting and sharing the Gospel, as well as providing for the physical needs of people via food, medicine, clean water, and shelter. With few or no cultural barriers to overcome, as they are already integrated in the area.

RHMI is committed to take care of the impoverished children and provide facilities to reach them with God’s love in every village in the Himalayas. With high levels of poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition, the children need your help. When you sponsor a neglected or orphaned child, you’ll be providing not only the love of Jesus but also shelter, food, clothing, education, and hope for a better future and better society.





In Nepal, the role of women is very low in any development activities. This is due to the fact that communities do not encourage them and do not provide a favorable environment for women in the society. Therefore, discrimination against women is still rampant, especially in the rural villages. Women and girls constitute half the population of Nepal.

In the Himalayan Region, there are thousands of villages in the mountains, in the hills and in the southern plains. There are hundreds of innocent people, illiterates who haven’t heard the name of Jesus and don’t easily understand the Gospel explained in words. But now through the Jesus film depicting the life of Jesus, they can see and believe what they have seen.