Youths for Discipleship

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Ps. R is one of our most dedicated mission field pastors. In spite of trials and persecutions, he has always remained faithful.

Until recently, he had no church building for his congregation to gather in. Many times, they would do fellowship out in an open space, even during heavy rainfall, storms, or scorching heat.

RHMI was able to help him build a new temporary church using bamboo for the sides and tin for roof. Now there are over 60 new believers that have come to know Jesus and are attending the services in this new church. Your support has made this possible.

Ps. R has a strong desire to lift up and motivate youths for the sake of the Lord. He organizes many short-term youth outreaches that minister to others with the Gospel. He has deeply influenced many youths. They are excited to serve in the church and in its services.

Ps. R reports that 9 new believers have accepted Jesus. Hallelujah! And the youths of his church are mentoring them and guiding them to the church and through Bible scriptures.

Please remember Ps. R in your prayers and for his new church and new believers. Thank you.

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