Your Generosity Is Making A Difference

Your Generosity Is Making A Difference
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As a result of our several ministerial works, we have been receiving many appreciations and positive feedback’s. The Radio ministry program ‘The Blessed Life’ is making a huge impact.

One brother who is in Kuwait for an employment purpose was in depression due to pandemic Lock down. He had a huge debt to pay, a four-member family to look after and care oneself to sustain during company lock down. During his deep despair, he was listening to one episode of our Radio ministry. Soon, he was very happy and motivated, and he asked God to provide him some money from his abundance.

Miraculously, next morning the manager visited him and gave him 200 Dinar equivalent to $ 647.64. His faith and hopes in God increased rapidly.
Then, allocating tithes and some portion for his food stocks, he sent rest money to his family here in Nepal.

As his coworkers were jealous of him and started poking him about Manager appreciating him, he encouraged them to listen ‘The Blessed Life’ radio program.

His testimony became a channel of Gospel sharing with his coworkers.
If in case our regular program listener misses the online broadcasted episode, he/she can hear the episodes on YouTube as well.

We have done our best to utilize any social media to advertise and make it more effective.

Thank you very much for your prayer support and generosity.

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