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I am delighted to let you know that we have successfully planted another well of life in the furthest region of Nepal. The locality has always been grieving for clean drinking water. Water scarcity would let them travel miles and consume their time and energy. The drilled water well in the centre of the locality has attracted many villagers with the love of God. As everyone knew, RHMI was the maker of the well. They questioned more about RHMI and found out that the believers of the local church are the first to express their love and care for their native community. Villagers were filled with joy to know someone was there to love and care for them. Now, the well has become a means of evangelizing people and sharing the news of eternity in heaven.

Shraddha Chaudhary said, “I always had to set aside a single day to fetch water from a stream very far away. In addition, it would be dirty, and I had to boil it before drinking it. Furthermore, my ten-year-old son was hospitalized for over two weeks due to a water-borne illness. This has always been a serious matter in our locality. Of course, hospitalization would not be an issue if we had enough money and better services. However, we remain helpless without the intervention of any outside support, as problems always surround us. But thanks to the Lord and those kind hearts who have shown their care for us. This well has incredibly blessed us.”

This year in West Nepal there has been insufficient rain and very, very hot. The shallow hand-dug wells in the villages are drying up. We are grateful the wells drilled by RHMI are still providing clean, sweet water for the villagers. They are so happy!

Thank you, partners, for all your love and support. Thank you very much for caring for my people. Your generosity has been accounted for and will be rewarded by God soon. May God bless you.

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