Witch Doctor to Soul Doctor

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Films about Jesus have been one of the most effective evangelism tools in the Christian ministry. Based on the Gospels, these films have touched the lives and hearts of many destitute and underprivileged villagers of the remote Himalayas for many years.

We are grateful to our active mission field leaders from North India, who travel long routes and rough terrain to share the Gospel and win unreached souls. Their ministry always incorporates the films of the story of Jesus. These films are often more impactful than sharing the Gospel through speaking and writing among the illiterate and simple people of the Himalayas.

Recently, two prominent witch doctors and their entire families accepted Jesus. They saw the victories over difficulties and the unconditional love that Jesus delivered in the movies and it touched their hearts. Seeing the reality of what Jesus did for them brought them to Christ. They have rejected all their senseless, earthly rituals. Now they are committed to carry the Bible for the sake of eternal life in Heaven. Praises to the Lord!

Thank you partners for your love and regular prayer support.

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