Wishing you a blessed Easter Sunday

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Wow! Our Salvation Day is coming near. I’m so excited!

I can’t wait to rejoice and share happiness with my people, glorifying Jesus and thanking Him for His sacrifice. Unfortunately, there are so many who still have not heard the name of Jesus. Easter is a strange and unknown matter for them. My heart is so heavy with sadness for them.

Many people in the Himalayas are still living their life in terror and darkness. The repeated practices of self-mutilation, self-torturing, shamanism, and superstitions hurts the heart of Jesus every time they commit them. He says, “I died for you so you would not have to do this.” These people desperately need to hear that they do not have to live in grief, fear, and constant turmoil. Their salvation is only in Jesus, and He has already redeemed every one of them. They only need to believe in Him. They only need to hear.

The good news is we can make a big difference with simple yet powerful strategies. Here are some of the ways how you can help transform many lives and impact a huge community in the Himalayas.

Native missionary Support

How about hitting two targets with one arrow? Regular native missionary monthly support of $50-$100 helps them to provide for their families. By lessening the burden of supporting family, our well-trained and spiritually equipped missionaries are free to focus on staying passionate for Jesus as they work to bring hundreds to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through sharing the Gospel and regular outreaches.

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Children Support

Small yet effective support of $25 monthly to native children for their education can assure their hope of a better tomorrow and bright future. It can fulfill their desires of gaining education, help erase the difficulties of poverty and build well-educated missionaries with the love of Jesus Christ.

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Clean water wells

A gift of $1500 for a clean water well not only becomes a focal point for many to get fresh water but also will provide an invitation to the only way, truth, and life; that is Jesus Christ. The scripture engraved on the slate plaque above the tap stirs curiosity in many which leads to open questions and Gospel sharing opportunities.

Sewing Machine

A gift of $160 for a sewing machine help can make vulnerable and needy women self-sufficient. Being able to earn a living making and repairing clothes keeps them from getting caught up sex trafficking. RHMI sewing centers are a friendly place for them to share companions, erase their loneliness, minimize their personal grief, and learn more about Christ all while learning to sew.

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