What is hunger? Ask a poor person.

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Galatians 6:2

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfil the law of Christ.

I have no words when I see my native people serving the Lord in their insufficiency and an empty stomach. It is physically hard to utter even a word when your stomach has no food and your lips have dried out. But, on a day when my people fail to receive food, they declare it as a fasting day and rejoice in the Lord’s mercy. Whether they have food or not, they are always happy. Where are these people receiving such energy from? – I find it intriguing. I feel the burden they bear. I feel sorrow and find myself in grief. Then, I accompany them in fasting too.

This year, when I heard about such turmoil among my people due to heavy rainfall and landslides, I couldn’t resist praying for many weeks and finding the resources to go and meet them. The only source of their income, their agricultural lands, was swept away by the massive landslides. It was heart-breaking. Thanksgiving belongs to the Lord that no lives were lost. We prayed for many weeks in fasts and chain prayers.

Finally, It was a happy moment for me when I got ready to meet them at last. I must thank my closest and generous partners in Christ, who extended their hearts to my people and did the kindness of providing sacks of rice to them. More than 200 families attended the distribution program. We also worshipped God and thanked all the generous hearts in prayers. I was in tears as I saw them passing by with smiles on their face and rice sacks on their backs.

I heard one of them saying, “Now my son will eat until his stomach is full after so many days. God is really a good provider.” On behalf of my entire native beneficiaries, I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation.

Dear partners, we don’t always understand why these things happen, but I feel humbled that God led me to step in and serve among my people. Thank you very much for feeling my people’s burden and helping them raise their faith in Christ. Your partnership is always highly appreciated. May God bless you abundantly.

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