Well Of Life Water Project

Well Of Life Water Project
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We returned to this very remote area in Northeast Nepal to check on the water project RHMI had begun earlier this year. The villagers in that area previously had to travel very far to carry water for drinking and cooking. This project consisted of a long run of plastic pipe from a water source to a large water storage tank to water taps at four different villages down the mountain.

The 5,000-liter water storage tank is located next to the local church that donated the land for the tank and water tap. A 3-kilometer plastic pipe from the water source in a dense forest high up the mountain feeds it.

Another tap benefitted about 18 houses and 70 people including children.

One of the water taps was built on the edge of a road so that the many students traveling to distant schools would have fresh clean water.

Far down the mountain, there are more taps. Two of the taps are by churches but are for everyone regardless of their religion or caste which shows the love of God to non-Christians. A Bible verse and the figure of Cross on each tap has clearly differentiated the work as a Christian ministry.

The water taps have become a means of sharing the gospel. This project is having an impact on nonbelievers. Please continue to pray that lives will be changed as nonbelievers hear the word of God and see the love demonstrated in these remote villages.

This project has truly been a channel of blessings and is making a big impact among the people in these villages. In the past, the local pastors and leaders have been persecuted many times. The people that persecuted them took advantage of the Christian’s humbleness but now most of their mouths have been shut since they are also using the same water provided by RHMI. They are coming to understand the love of the Christian people there. Romans 12:19-20 is literally being acted out daily by the Christians of this Northeast Nepal area.

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