Well of Life


. Poor economic condition, difficult terrain, poor technology and insufficient planning are causing wastage of water in Nepal. The sources of drinking water are getting polluted due to garbage, sewage, improper use and lack of awareness about the need for safe drinking water. But the problem of water in the Hilly and Himalayan regions of Nepal is a different story.
In low land areas like the Terai regions, water wells can be drilled with a boring machine. It is not so easy as that in the Hilly and Himalayan regions. We first must find a reliable source of water. Then we have to determine who owns the source and get permission to use it. After receiving permission, we build a reservoir for storing water for a long-term consumption. Then, we lay plastic pipe from the source to the villages. This pipeline can be several kilometers in length. And finally, we build public water taps or faucets for access by the villagers.
Well of Life
Truly water is life and it is valued more in the Himalayan regions among those who need to travel long distances to haul water carrying big loads.
Make a difference, provide a village with clean fresh water. Be a part of our next water initiative. We have several more water projects in our different mission fields where scarcity of water still exists, and many villages are far away from water facilities.
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