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Less than 10% of the Himalayan Gospel workers have any formal training. Our RHMI pastors and leaders, who are doing a wonderful job in the church, have very little or no education. So, we have had a growing realization that to continue building more and healthier churches in the Himalayas, there are some challenges we face on our way.

Many of the pastors and leaders grew up in strong Hindu or Buddhist families and have a limited education. They are scattered in remote areas without access to the tools and internet to help them learn. Many works at other jobs while pastoring, and have families they need to continue providing for while reaching and ministering in other villages. The greatest challenge we found among our people is discouragement and lack of resources and training. Pastors living in isolated areas, having opposition from non-Christians, and even sometimes from non-believing family members is the greatest hindrance to their ministry. So, with the help of God’s Grace and your partnership we were able to train in 3 villages and train 90 people from the Word of God.

Bahadur Lama walked for 2 full day’s journey to get to our training. Bahadur is a pastor who planted a church in Jung Village but due to high persecution from the Buddhist people their small hut church made of tarps was demolished. Three times they destroyed the little church and, still, he has to face lots of persecution. He said, “I am so blessed to have this training for the first time in my life and I will go and teach my new people what I learned from this training”.

Everywhere we went, people listened with their mouth open absorbing everything we could share from the Word. Some of these brothers and sisters represented 14 different villages where they have their house church and work in many many villages. Please pray for the work in the Himalayas. Our leaders there are serving God with much hardship, lack, and struggle but they continue to reach the village after village walking muddy paths through rough terrain. They continue to take the Gospel to the people who have never heard. They pray for the sick and cast out demons. Those who receive Christ, follow them to one of our churches in the remote villages. This is all the IMPACT of your partnership.

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