Waterfall Of Grace Mountain Training In Village

Waterfall Of Grace Mountain Training In Village
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Many of the pastors and leaders grew up in strong Hindu or Buddhist families. They are scattered in remote areas without access to the tools and internet to help them learn.

Many works at other jobs while pastoring, and have families they need to continue providing for while reaching and ministering in other villages.

Pastors living in isolated areas, having opposition from non-Christians, and even sometimes from non-believing family members are the greatest hindrance to their ministry.

Our RHMI pastors and leaders are doing a wonderful Ministry though they have very little or no education. In order to continue building more and healthier churches in the Himalayas, we are training and discipline them so they will be rooted and grounded in the Word of God. That is what we have been doing every month. So, with the help of God’s Grace and your partnership we were able to train in the Hilly region. Too much snow in the higher Himalayas to go up there at that time.

There were about 45-50 trained in a remote village. To reach that remote village the team had to leave the road and travel about two hours up a river by bus. The bus crosses the river 11 times during the trip.

We saw the damage to the house. That is from the 2015 Earthquakes. The house is badly cracked. He can’t afford to repair it.

Also, during the training in Makwanpur, we also distributed trekking gear to the RHMI pastors in that area.

Thank you for your partnership in this ministry.

Insert from our March Newsletter: On-The-Ground Missions! March 2019 issue, Reach Himalaya Ministries International

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