United We Stand, Divided We Fall

United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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Senior Pastor P. from West Nepal is passionate about evangelizing his native people and saving them in Christ. He is one of the humblest leaders RHMI has. His humbleness and sincerity sets a great example for the 13 mission field leaders ministering under him. He frequently gives in-depth Bible and Leadership training to the believers from his local church and its 7 branch churches.

He and his believers make a circle and pray for the wellness of entire mission field leaders, ongoing missions, believers, churches, and the current national and international issues regularly.

It is clear how passionate he is in serving the mighty Lord and bringing many souls to Christ. Regardless of any terrible situation, rains, storms, bad weather, and physical hindrances, he travels miles on his old bicycle to accomplish his God-given responsibilities faithfully.

To look after such a huge flock caring, pastoring, comforting, and feeding them timely, Pastor P needs a motorbike to replace his old bicycle. This asset can be helpful to build the ministry more quickly saving him travel time to do ministry in many places.

Consider extending your generous hands for such a hard-working and humble man of God. One motorbike cost is around $3,000 which can be the best investment to raise the magnitude of God’s kingdom in an immeasurable extent.

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