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All thanks to God and your prayers and support, through which, we were able to conduct training in one of the remotest areas of the mid-eastern part of Nepal.

This was a new area for us. It was an exhausting 11-hour trip by motorbike to reach our destination. The roads were narrow and very dangerous because of falling rocks. It was very hot.

The only sleeping accommodations we had was to stay in the dark storeroom on the backside of an old house. Sleep was so difficult due to the hot temperature and all soaked in sweat and fighting mosquitoes. His love blesses us.

We give Glory to the Lord for our safe travels in a tough journey. But, in spite of all that, we were very excited to be part of the following day’s training. The village we were in has a population of around 1200-1500. A strong presence of demonic power thrived because local people had a very strong belief in occult practices.  They had the belief of receiving healing and salvation through witchcraft acts. The local areas were completely struggling with false beliefs.

Despite such conditions in the village, we were able to conduct discipleship training in one of the two churches among 40 attendees. We could see the thirst and hunger of true God and for the Word of God in their eyes. If someone would get sick, they had a mindset of inviting Pastors from very far to pray for them.

We shared the Word of God from the Bible that the same authority of healing sick people given to Pastors and leaders of the Church has also been given to every believer. All the attendees were filled up with excitement. They were motivated and energized by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Due to not having an in-depth knowledge of the Bible, many of the attendees are not as understanding of the Word about their own identity and authority in Christ. Bible training brings them to a place of study and maturity in the Gospel. Their hunger for God’s Word allowed us to train them in more subjects in the Bible that blessed them.

After the successful completion of the training, we asked them for their feedback. They said they were very happy to receive such training where they could learn many new things and understand the Bible more deeply. One 50-year-old Brother shared his understanding saying, ‘God doesn’t only hear the prayer of Pastors but also hears our prayer and it can be powerful too,’ A Sister expressed her gratitude and thanked us for bringing such training from distant places to right before their doors. She told that she always had a keen interest in taking many pieces of training and learning the Bible in much depth, but she never could do so.

She was one of the active attendees filled with much thirst and hunger for Almighty God. Many sisters in the church expressed their happiness for receiving deep knowledge as we taught them about their authorities and responsibilities towards the church. During the training, we asked one of the brothers from church, who was Moses? He replied, “He was a fisherman.” We then came to realize that the church had little knowledge about the true stories in the Bible.

“He was a fisherman.” We then came to realize that the church had little knowledge about the true stories in the Bible. No sooner had we cleared his misunderstandings and gave them some general knowledge about Moses, he stood up in the middle and shouted, committing to reach out to many remote areas and would share the Gospel of God leading many children of God like Moses. After the training, we went to other villages nearby and shared the gospel and prayed for sick people. One lady had stomach pain for 6 years and was healed. We also prayed for many children of that village and for their bright future. Among many listeners, 11 of them accepted Jesus as their Savior and submitted their life to Him.

We taught them about what it means to be baptized and then each one was baptized in water. We were able to sow the Gospel of Jesus Christ in many places in those villages and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in great movement during our stay there.

We humbly request you to continue to pray for those remote places. The fire of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ has begun in that place and God is doing His work miraculously.

Glory to the Lord!
Insert from our June Newsletter: On-The-Ground Missions! June 2019 issue, Reach Himalaya Ministries International

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