They wouldn’t let me go!

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One particular evening was the most powerful evening of all time. Many believers had no time to attend the daytime fellowship because of their household work and day-time jobs. So, we decided to do the fellowship in the evening as everyone returns home and is free to come to worship the Lord. Indeed, our plan worked. There were so many believers in the room, so we had to shift the fellowship outside.

I am thankful to God who gave me abundant strength, wisdom, and vision of His powerful Words as I was sharing the sermon. I had one of our mission field leaders help me to  interprete into their native language that helped all the believers understand the message better. A big thanks to him too.

As time went by, they wouldn’t let me end the sermon. I was prompted to add more testimonies and scriptures from the Bible. Their eagerness to understand more about Jesus and listening to the sermons was so encouraging that I was filled with more energy and excitement. That fellowship was so powerful that many non-believers also accepted Jesus that evening. Much later than we had planned, we were able to leave by sharing thanks and appreciation and finished the evening with a feast.

Dear beloved partners, the communities are indeed transforming. The eagerness of knowing Jesus is rapidly increasing and people are wanting to know the truth, the way, and the life. Your sacrificial support and love are making it happen all over the Himalayas. Thank you for your partnership.

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