The Wake-Up call

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1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

As we are proceeding with the brand-new Year of Maturity in the presence of Jesus’ sovereignty, 2021 has a lot to offer this year. We feel humbled to praise God for His mighty provision and providence in every circumstance of 2020.

Also, as we continue with the praise reports of the mission trip in Dec 2020, we express our heartfelt gratitude to all our dearest partners who have been incredible with your support. We pray for abundant blessings over you, your family, and your ministry as you will come to know the great impacts of your generosities on the welfare of the native brothers and sisters of the hidden Himalayas.

Thank you very much for being with us and loving our land.

Next morning in Yak shed

After spending overnight in the Yak shed, the next morning we marched towards another destination after having a good breakfast. The night in the Yak shed cannot be simply explained in words. We were shivering all night in the Yak shed. The cool breeze blowing up the mountain was hitting our shed all night. In addition to that, the thin air made it extremely difficult to get our breath. We were very glad when dawn came the next morning. All thanks to the Lord for the Yak shed. In spite of its drawbacks, we did not have to spend the night outside. And none of us suffered high altitude sickness at night. Praise the Lord for we were all safe overnight.

Walking with porters

We were so thankful to God for He gave us the wisdom to call our brothers to come to carry our baggage. We are so thankful to them too for they were very welcoming and eager to help with such a large quantity of goods. As they were locals from that area, they arrived quickly and were very willing to help us carry our stuff. As we went along, they were carefully watching out for us, sharing the stories of the place, guiding us, always asking about our health, and inspiring us to walk one more step. It was such a privilege to follow them, chat with them, and reach the destination before we even realized we were there.


The trek was definitely not an easy act. Several guys in our group did not have any experience hiking at high altitudes, we were concerned for their health. At such altitudes, one can suffer from severe sickness and even die. But as we had hundreds of prayer warriors praying for our safety 24/7, we felt secure in God’s protection the whole time. On our way, we passed by a giant cross placed on the top of the mountain by local believers. they placed it there with a purpose. The cross indeed symbolizes the salvation of the nation from the earthly deities and gods. Today, that cross has stood firm and strong like a lighthouse to those in the Himalayas, which were named after earthly gods. Praise the Lord for the place has bowed down before the God of gods; the name above all other names.

Tent/ firecamp/worship

After hours of hiking, we finally reached an open space amid the dense forest, where we decided to stay overnight. As we were so exhausted, we chose to not go any further. We put up our tents and started cooking dinner for ourselves. It was a fresh experience for most of us. Cooking food over the fire, collecting wood, washing dishes in the freezing ice-water, sleeping in the tents amid the dense, dark forest, worshipping like never before, singing hymns with the highest notes, and more, was a most unforgettable moment for us. The best part of this destination was the praise and worship, where we thanked God for all the changing plans and His wonders. We sang Christmas songs so loudly that the whole forest was echoing. Every one of us got lost in the worship so deeply that we didn’t notice that the sun had already set.

The food was also very delicious that evening but it did not totally agree with Ps. Haron who suffered from intense stomach distress. But thanks be to the Lord when he took some medicine and the men all prayed for him, he recovered.

Even though our plans did not go quite as we had expected, we personally believe this sort of outing and time of fellowship that brings closeness and unity, gives new experiences and builds productivity is a must, in any sector, whether it is an organization, office, ministry, or institution.

Dear partner, we are glad to have you along with us on this mission trip. We have tried to describe our exciting, thrilling, and breathtaking journey and let you feel just how dangerous it was, yet, at the same time, how joyful and exhilarating it was. We want to let you know, it would have never happened without your constant prayer and generous support. Thank you very much from the inner core of our hearts.
There’s more to share with you as we reach our destination and experience a great move of God in the next newsletter. Until then, please keep praying for us. And please remember our native pastors all across the Himalayas who experience similar situations and experiences and sometimes even more harrowing ones as they take the Gospel to even more remote unreached people.
With all my gratitude,
RHMI Family.

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