The third day of our mission trip to Far-West Nepal

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The third day of our mission trip to Far-West Nepal was already showing great signs of success. We were confident about what we were doing, for we had our Lord’s grace, provision, support, and regular prayer of our partners behind us.

We started quite early in the morning to reach another remote place to minister because we were very excited to meet our beloved believers. As we said earlier, we were visiting our believers after nearly 3-4 years, and so we were quite enthusiastic to minister among them. We traveled almost 5 hours to reach a rural place where we have years of relationships and connection. As we pulled over, our eyes were full of tears as we remembered walking in the alley and cycling on the slippery pathway. As we saw the new church building, I couldn’t stop my tears, for I know how we had begun with just a small underground house fellowship in that place.

Truly, God multiplies our blessings. I was astonished to see how things have changed over a short time. Many memories were flooding before my eyes. We thanked our Lord as we met our mission field brothers who were waiting for us.

The first sentence Ps. B uttered to me was, “Today is the day to rejoice for our caretaker has come home after many years.” I was stunned by his words and thanked him for his honor, however, I replied, “not me, but God is our caretaker brother.”

We greeted one other, unloaded our things, and placed them in the church. In the evening, we had a wonderful time sitting around a fire and talking about all the works in past years. We shared moments of happiness and sorrow, family issues, church status, persecutions, helpful needs, upgrades, and much more. We enjoyed the evening singing hymns and doing a devotion.

The next morning, we went to an area nearby where we spent personal time with God praying for the conversion of the villagers to Christ and asking God’s favor in the upcoming conference. We talked with a few villagers, shared the Gospel, and encouraged them to come to church.

Within the next few hours, we had a big conference to organize and minister among believers who were most thirsty and hungry for His Word. Highlighting the risky scenario of the COVID-19, we gave away surgical masks to each attendee and shared the way to use them as well as disposing of them.

Our teaching on the importance of raising our faith and focusing our eyes on the Lord captured everyone’s attention. The pandemic lockdown has had a very adverse impact on the poor believers who are dependent on daily wages, so the teaching was very relatable. The sermon on the Psalms of protection encouraged everyone to place hope and confidence in the Lord. We were also moved as we saw the repentance in tears while praising and worshipping God. We experienced the Holy Spirit energizing our team and moving in the service throughout the whole conference. Many who attended said they were refreshed and uplifted by His Word.

Ms. R. C, a woman with two children, shared with us, ” If I hadn’t attended today’s conference, I would be worshipping idols at my house today because I was very frustrated with failures in my life. I was very rebellious against my husband and my children. My faith had completely vanished, but now, it is raised again by the Words of God in today’s conference. I will go home and ask for forgiveness from my husband. Thank you, Pastor, for motivating us.” This statement was just one of many words of appreciation and honor for our messages.

After the service, we encouraged them by giving gifts to let them know how much we care for them. We had chocolates for kids, sanitary napkins for ladies, and mini radio speakers for ten mission field leaders. These small acts of kindness displayed our humanitarian concern and love of God.

One of the kids was talking to his friend, “I will bring my friends to church now. We can get so many chocolates for free.” We did laugh hearing the conversation, but we were quite surprised to see how a small bar of chocolate can impact the hearts of these impoverished children. We believe the credit goes to our beloved partners for making it possible. Thank you for your love and concern.

The support of sanitary napkins to more than 40 sisters had a different impact. Ms. S. M. shared with us how difficult it is for ladies to pass through the menstruation cycle in the village. They must travel very far to buy pads. Even then, they are mostly unavailable and very expensive if found. The women of the village have been forced to use unhygienic methods. So, they were happy and excited to receive the gifts without any shyness, for these gifts were more than just an essential need to them. Our hygienic approach has impacted and transformed the community. It would have never been possible without the sacrificial support of our partners. Thank you very much.

The support of mini radio speakers to 10 mission field leaders imparted great importance in the ministry. One of the leaders told us that many times while returning from evangelizing people and meeting believers in the furthest distance they are alone on their way back home. Apart from prayer, such a mini radio speaker playing the teachings and songs can be a companion while traveling. The houses, villages, and people they pass by can hear the Words of God hovering in the air. Thank you partners for your partnership.

After the successful distribution of the gifts, we had a delicious feast. The feast has always brought many of us closer where we spend our time talking with each other, sharing our perceptions, family conditions, Christian life, and much more. We enjoyed the closeness with our beloved brothers and sisters at the feast.

It was also such a blessing to have 8 new believers water baptized. We honor and glorify our Heavenly Father for making us worthy to do the honor of baptizing those chosen heirs of Heaven. Indeed, the family of Heaven is enlarging fruitfully.

Mr. R. C. shared with us, “As I came out of the water, I felt a compassionate touch in my heart. Something very hot was burning in my heart. I will never forget what I have learned about baptism and being with God forever.”

That determination in the heart of a new believer influenced us and made us realize we are accomplishing God’s given assignment. Thank you partners for your partnership. We are grateful to God for giving us like-minded partners like you carrying the same yoke together to accomplish great victories in Lord.

We want to thank every partner for showing your generosity over this land of destitute and impoverished people. Your kindness and sacrificial giving have encouraged many to prosper and strengthen their faith in the Lord.

Thank you for everything.


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