The success of the three-day program

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God is great! We successfully accomplished the ‘Men’s Summit 2022’ program on Thursday, 14th of April. The program ended up being more powerful and impactful beyond my imagination. The execution of all the arrangements and success of the program was so well received that many came to request the program to be held in many parts of the Himalayas. Heartfelt thanks to our beloved brothers from the Himalayas who came from distant places on a tiresome journey with smiling and glowing faces.

As targeted, our brothers received power and reenergized their spirit. We received many positive appreciations and feedback too. It was a joy to share our love and feel God’s presence among us.

Also, it had been our immense pleasure to successfully celebrate Good Friday and receive His mighty presence on Easter Sunday. We celebrated Good Friday and Easter Sunday like never before. In 2021, there were many ups and downs and it had been a while since we had gathered and shared our brotherhood with believers. The service at our church welcomed many believers and non-believers. We sang hymns, praised God, glorified Him, exchanged honors, received powerful messages, had a wonderful feast, and so much more. The enjoyment was the highest honor to God.

I was very humbled to see our youths so proactively involved in voluntary tasks and serving the Lord. They took care of all the program arrangements, coordination, and management. My sincere thanks and appreciation go to my beloved brothers in Christ, our local leaders who were instrumental in the proper synchronization of the three days program and bestowed their well-learned leadership capabilities. It was like meeting lost brothers after many desperate years.

All glory to the Lord who strengthened us, guided us by His wisdom and made us worthy to serve Him by all means.

Dear partners, thank you very much for enjoying yourself with us. Thank you for your continued love, support, and generosities. The credit for the success of the programs we implement goes to you. May God bless our partnership forever and ever.



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