The Risk of Reaching the Unreached

The fact is, you must sow some seeds before you harvest a crop.
Have you done that?


In order to harvest a crop, you must sow some seeds and let them grow. They will do their work of growing and then you will have a crop for harvest. Have you done that? We are told in the Bible to not despise the day of small beginnings. The Lord rejoices to see the work started. Small seeds sown in the ground produces a great harvest.

Our native pastors and missionaries realize that planting a seed, that is the Word of God, in the heart of a lost person can make all the difference in the world to them. It can change people’s lives forever. That is why they are willing to endure the hardships of reaching these remote villages. That is why they are willing to walk up and down steep mountains on treacherous paths, many times in the cold and snow or the rain and mud. They know that that one opportunity that they have to plant that seed can lead to a great increase.

They are willing to endure persecutions, beatings, threatening, torture, and rejection to share the Gospel. They have seen people who once beat them and threatened them now serving in the church or leading a house church meeting. The Gospel has the power to change a person completely!

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