The new year 2022

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The year 2021 ended with loads of blessings. I personally learned many things. I gained a renewed revelation of the importance of spending personal time with God. I learned the value of family time and good health care, as well as many other things. I am also very humbled that I could share what I learned with many and encourage them in their daily lives. I was encouraged myself as I encouraged others. To many, the year 2021 may have been a year of loss, but I see God’s restoration in 2022. I see God filling our homes with blessings and the provisions we need. I see God keeping us safe throughout pandemics.
We were able to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Church in KTM with our believers. Our youth volunteers helped us in the campfire, the elders of the church assisted in preparing the BBQ, and the sisters helped in preparing the meals.
I am so delighted to share that our church is really growing stronger as a family. How did your New Year’s Eve go? Let us hear and rejoice with you too.

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