“The Name Above All Other Names”

The Name Above All Other Names
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How appalling it is when a small girl of only 8 years is possessed by seven demonic spirits for 3 long years and has been living a life of dismay and distress. Illiteracy and orthodoxy can be the excuses to blame, but the complete unawareness of the powerful name above all other names is the major point to be noted.

She was taken to many chief Shamans and witchdoctors and many shamanisms were carried out for many years. Nevertheless, nothing resulted in positive signs other than the loss of livestock and property. No wonder, shamanism is not a big surprise in such remote villages of the Himalayas where modern medical technologies are beyond anyone’s imagination.

As soon as she was prayed over by our RHMI mission field leaders, she was immediately released by the exasperating demonic spirits.

This miracle turned out to be one of the most influential and powerful testimonies over that place that led many lives to Christ following her whole family members and a few other shamans, as well.
Hallelujah! All praises to the Lord!

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