The Message Of Hope Gets Stronger And Stronger

The Message Of Hope Gets Stronger And Stronger
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First, I would like to thank God for His favor and Grace in every circumstance. Very hard situations brought us His strength and He made us stand strong in our faith. Secondly, we are always thankful for your ceaseless prayers and support that keeps us motivated and spiritually active all the time.

These 3 months were the hardest times for every one of us due to horrible landslides, floods, hailstorms and heavy rainfall in most of our ministry areas. Our brothers in Christ suffered greatly. The waters swept away their houses, washed good cropland away and drowned livestock. Their hard-earned assets were taken from them. Yet, despite hard times and still facing so many problems, our brothers in Christ have not stopped doing God’s work. They determined to continue His assigned tasks. No matter what troubles we all had to go through we faithfully continued His missions.

Gospel sharing wasn’t stopped!

Church Planting wasn’t stopped!

House fellowship wasn’t stopped!

Tasks of winning souls wasn’t stopped!

We didn’t let any barriers hinder the ministry of the Lord. Amen!

Insert from our July- Sept Newsletter: On-The-Ground Missions! July-Sept 2019 issue, Reach Himalaya Ministries International

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