The Gospel Beyond The Clouds

The Gospel Beyond The Clouds
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A journey to the most majestic landscape, the isolated Kingdom, meaning “land of high passes”, Ladakh lives up to its billing. Being the domain of nomadic yak herders once, Ladakh is raddled by the Karakoram and Himalaya Mountains, featuring some of the most stunning Highland scenery on Earth. Rich in ancient trade and pilgrimage trails Ladakh trace ridges in the shadows of snow-capped summits.

The best way to experience Ladakh’s wild beauty is only on two feet. With a well-organized network of teahouses, breath-taking passes rising higher than 5,000 meters and wildlife unseen anywhere else. Perhaps unexpected amidst a landscape defined by mountain peaks and snowfall, Ladakh’s sand dunes speak to the region’s geographical connection to Xinjiang and Central Asia.

The route begins with Spituk Gompa, one of Ladakh’s most important and beautiful monasteries. It then climbs rugged passes, traveling from village to village, before descending to Hemis National Park, which shelters an amazing variety of wildlife: Himalayan bears, red foxes, Tibetan antelope, and the world’s largest population of snow leopards.

Ladakh carrying its own histories like fortifying an empire in one of the world’s most inaccessible regions by Tibetan Buddhist kings, moving in from the east, and bringing Tibetan art, language, dance and food; ornate palaces; and spiritual communities called gompas (known as monasteries in English) are breathtaking.

What a great privilege it is to embark on the Gospels of Jesus Christ, amid the heaven on Earth: Ladakh. The kingdom of God is expanding! The Gospel outreach beyond clouds is surely adventurous, memorable, and full of blessings but boundless too.

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