Thank You Partners

Thank You Partners
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Reach Himalaya Ministries International
We are always grateful to all our RHMI partners for your continuous help and faithful partnership. Thank you very much for standing with us for years and serving the Lord together.

What a wonderful opportunity we have with these newsletters to express our gratefulness to God for all He has done through you in the mission field. His work is of transforming lives and impacting people of the remotest Himalayas.
Our hearts are full as we think of Christ manifesting Himself in the hearts and lives of hundreds of beautiful people in the high Himalayas through RHMI. Those are real lives experiencing real change, even total transformation! Without your generosity, our mission would remain incomplete.
Your open heart and hands of prayer and support has caused us to shout

We remain motivated in all His provision, plans, protection, and guidance because your partnership and prayers are so encouraging to our family here at RHMI.
We want to show our gratefulness for you through this inspiring weekly report.
Many thanks and blessings to you as you celebrate God’s goodness with your friends and family.

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