Superheroes Of Th e Himalayas

Superheroes Of Th e Himalayas
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Reach Himalaya Ministries Int’l is grateful for all our partners. We are blessed to have partners praying and praising the Lord. It is a joy to share with you, our gracious friends, some daily life experiences of RHMI’s mission field leaders and believers in Nepal. This is one way you may witness God’s work happening all over the Himalayas.

Your prayers and generosity are always a great encouragement to believers and all our mission field teams. You are providing hope to our teams and beloved believers in the remote villages. Stretching and spreading even a small physical portion of your generosity to as many RHMI evangelists as possible in the remote mission field is a tangible gift of blessing to them in their need. As they travel to difficult places for evangelism, they do so full of faith in God for provision, protection, anointing and souls. God is good!

We continue to praise God, preach the Gospel and remain encouraged. By prayer and in faith we expect to increase His Kingdom and rejoice in opportunities to be His instruments to share His message. It is our privilege to be a part of His ministry and be a partner with you in sharing the Word of the Lord and His love.

Here are some marvelous testimonies of the work that took place recently in the mission field. We give praise and honor to our wonderful Lord. Because of your help and support many people in the remote villages receive life necessities and are encouraged. They are blessed and as their spirits are lifted many easily share the love of Jesus.

We are grateful to our Lord who has blessed us with such a hardworking and motivating couple from the border.
Our dearest Pastor K and his wife from the border serve the Lord regardless of time or weather while carrying their small child of only 1-year and trekking a long distance on foot.

They regularly travel through many rough and desolate places for hours and hours toward their destination along the way searching for lost souls and hungry hearts to tell them about Jesus Christ.
They walked three long days crossing big mountains and steep hills to have fellowship among many believers so hungry and thirsty for the Word of God. They stayed there for a week ministering among many non-believers, too. They taught about our living God and bringing them out of pits of false religions, traditional mindsets, and darkness.

Services were held in an open area in tents. Unpredictable weather brought rainstorms one day and another day the scorching blinding sunlight. The weather extremes did not prohibit the ministering of God’s Word. (Your partnership in prayer for a huge concrete church building in this area is greatly appreciated.)

Working underground, Pastor K and his wife are devoted shepherds of God who have dedicated their lives to spreading the Gospel. Through their faithfulness, many distant isolated villages with overwhelming problems were placed in God’s hands and became villages set to lead to many remote villages in the Himalayas that have indefinable problems.

This would have been impossible without your sacrificial support and prayers. Thank you Partners for always being there.

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