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Mamata is a 22-year-old sister responsible for looking after her family. I cannot imagine a fatherless young girl looking after her whole family at such an early age. She quit her studies due to the sad condition of her family. She works in the town in a restaurant, fulfilling the monthly expenses of her mother’s medicine, her younger brother’s studies, their debts, and rent. She is among the many people who suffer from such tragic life stories.

As I believe in teaching people to fish is more important than feeding them with the fish, a sewing machine is the most effective strategy we have applied to support many sisters in the Himalayas. So, we are delighted to inform you that we have successfully established five new sewing machine centres in various locations this month.

Mamata said, “Pastor, I have shared my story with you. It felt like I shared my story and grief with God. He has listened to my cries and shown me a pathway to start something new. I cannot travel miles to work for so little and yet save nothing. Paul’s Corner has given me a ray of hope and confidence in doing something great for my family. I want to be an entrepreneur, opening my own tailor shop, sewing new clothes, and selling them in the market.


I must take care of my sick mother and pay my family’s debts. I want to see my brother studying and becoming an educated missionary for God. Hopefully, I can fulfil my dream shortly. I believe if we do our best, God takes care of the rest. We are grateful to all the generous men and women of God for giving us the confidence so we can do something on our own.”

Dear partners, your generosity has enlightened the confidence in the young sisters like Mamata. It has not only filled them with joy but provided them the source to become independent and self-reliant to be a stronger woman. This is what I call empowering sisters through the love of God. Thank you for your partnership.

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