Spreading Jesus through a projector.

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Many times, people believe and engage faster through vision than hearing. We have distributed projectors to our native missionaries to take advantage of this human fact. We have already recorded many testimonies and incidents where people have instantly converted, wept, repented, and submitted their lives to Jesus as they have watched Christian movies and films about Jesus. Also, people of any age can watch and easily relate to the Christian movie’s meaning. We are witness to the unbelievable miracles that have occurred during the movie showtime. Furthermore, it is also one of many ways to bring a crowd altogether.

The small yet handy projector we provide is easy to operate and carry. It is also a 3-minute setup that saves time and overcomes many technical difficulties. We know that users and audiences find it unappealing when technical errors take a long time to get fixed. But, thanks to our generous partners who have helped us, we have been able to provide our missionaries with a powerful yet simple to operate tool. The projectors are utilized to show Nepali Christian movies and evangelize vast numbers of people effectively.

Dear partners, thank you very much for your love and support. May God bless you abundantly.


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