Speeding Up

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“We are running out of time. We do not have time to sit, talk, and rest. Not even a second! We are getting late. We have a big job, many places to go, a hundred lives to impact, and powerful Heavenly news to pass on. We need more missionaries and energy to evangelize people.” says Ps. B.

He adds, “Many wandering people struggle amid persecution, poverty, life’s dizziness, frustrations, and daily problems. Our job is to share life-saving testimonies and bring Heaven to Earth. Let us gear up and get ready for His second coming. Our short rest or lateness can take away somebody’s life.”

His ordinary yet meaningful words filled me with more power and energy. To evangelize most hidden tribes in the Himalayas, he walked miles tearing his shoes, sweating his clothes, and emptying his stomach. Thank you, partners, for hearing my request and providing our three faithful men of God with motorcycles to speed up God’s mission. Your gracious and generous hearts have not just eased God’s work but geared up our mission and vision. Let us continue encouraging such active and energetic missionaries to reach our goal soon.

Thank you very much for your partnership. We are grateful to you for everything.


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