Special Report from the Mission Field

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Every day I will praise you and extol your name forever and ever. Great is the Lord and worthiest of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts. ~ Psalm 145:2-4

Our God is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. Not only are His characteristics a fact but they are also my belief and my declaration. I know that God is powerful, present everywhere, and knows everything.

I am so thankful to God for He has always blessed RHMI with abundant love and gracious partners. Our prayers, hardship, and faith in Him haven’t gone empty but have resulted in a glorious legacy for many generations to come. I can surely declare that the people of the Himalayas have been blessed through RHMI.

Through these newsletters, you have been able to journey with us on this mission to the high Himalayas. We thank God for His unbelievable presence and testimonies of blessings. I am quite sure that when you read this newsletter, you will be blessed to see firsthand the daily life of the people of the Himalayas and see God working through the lives of our missionaries.

Dear Partners, I feel humbled to thank you for always being there with us.

Timely Gifts Are the Valuable Gifts

The daily life of Himalayan people in the winter season is unimaginable. Life in the Himalayas is hard and dangerous. Anyone who visits the place thinks “How is life even possible here?” Cold weather, poverty, and the lack of proper warm clothes are an important reason for much illness and premature deaths in the Himalayas. Towards this end, our team was able to provide 40 down jackets to children, and 30 woolen caps to elderly people as a timely gift.

Dear partners, they have asked us to thank you for your gift that was so timely, for all of your support, and most of all, for showing that you care about them. What a wonderful joy it is to become a channel of blessings to these beloved people of God.

Fellowship Cannot Be Denied

The pandemic situation that grips Nepal right now is causing many people to be in despair and hopelessness. But despite such adversity, our believers did not pause a second to decide whether to have a church conference or not. Practically, it may sound unwise but praising Jesus who has awarded us with eternal salvation, protection, and provision was their primary matter of concern that took precedence over fear and uncertainty. We were very happy to be part of this conference where many lives were transformed. The celebration was huge. Singing, dancing, praising, worshipping, feasting, and much more were the beautiful parts of the conference that we not only captured in pictures but also in our hearts.

As we were enjoying ourselves with them, we realized that these people are the blessed ones from who we were to receive abundant blessings. We were not blessing them near as much as they were the source of blessings for us.

Dear partners, the joy and happiness we experienced are a precious treasure that you and I, and the whole RHMI family have earned for the eternal kingdom of Heaven. We are blessed!

Native Missionary Travel Kits

Apart from gifts to children and elderly people, we enjoyed distributing jackets, sleeping bags, trekking backpacks, boots, and socks to 7 native missionary leaders. These kits will help them to travel to distant places with safety and comfort. Amid any harsh situation, they can take the Gospels to the most unreached places with much comfort. When they are equipped to handle the environment, they do not worry about where they will stay or the difficulties while walking.

Most of the time, when they had to walk miles, their shoes were worn out. Their shoes were not special hiking boots because they are not able to afford such expensive boots. They had to struggle with their uncomfortable and compact backpacks with little space. When traveling through dense and frigid woods, they always had concern about how their outfits would hold up.

However, now, due to those valuable gifts, they can do the ministry with physical comfort and security. Thank you partners for caring for our leaders for what they are doing with humility and faithfulness.

Electronic Teachings and Songs

We also received the privilege of distributing a mini speaker with more than 200 recorded powerful messages of God placed in a mini SD card to 10 of our mission field leaders. These messages are a real blessing to the most underprivileged and destitute of the Himalayas. The messages keep them motivated and fill them with the fire of the Holy Spirit all the time. They use the powerful teachings to share the Gospel and bring many lives to Christ. At the same time, they are able to use the teachings for sermons in the church services and house churches services.

Those teachings, with spiritual and practical content inter-mixed with heart-touching hymns, lift them up them and give them the strength to tackle the different harsh situations they face in the Himalayas. Those messages and songs are welcome companions to our leaders in their travels too.

How great those gracious hearts and generous hands are who have enabled us to share these electronic teachings and songs.

Dear partners, thank you very much for partnering with us with such incredible support.



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