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Mahendra Tharu is a 50-year-old man who is physically unable to travel as he used to do in his younger years. However, he is so committed to God that even today he still travels to distant places for sharing the Gospel, helping church members in emergencies, and other ministerial activities. There are many other obedient men of God like Mahendra who know only to give but never to ask. Last time on our visit, our tears rolled down as we saw some of their worn-out shoes and roughly stitched jackets. Our prayers started right then.

We are so blessed by generous partners like you, that God mobilized us through you, to express His love for them. How wonderful it is. We are glad to let you know that we distributed not just one or two but 17 travel kits to those beloved native mission field leaders. They were very excited to receive such gifts.

Many of them immediately took off their jackets and put on the new ones. Some of them hugged the shoes and tried them on instantly.

As Mahendra received one of those travel kits, he said something that caught our attention. He uttered, “Pastor Haron, my clothes have definitely worn out but my heart for Christ has never worn out. I understand the cost that my Christ paid for my sin. Sometimes, as I walk miles with bare feet, I would remember the nailed feet of Christ and thank Him for my situation. I would look at my worn-out jacket and feel embarrassed to meet new people, but my renewed spirit within me and my thirst for more of Christ would keep me going.

I have always known my Father cares for me. Pastor Haron, I am going to take these back home and have all my family kneel down, stretch hands over these gifts, and thank God for the generous person who understood the message of God on my behalf.

Whoever supported me with these gifts must have known the situation I have been through. That person is a great and true man or woman of God. May God bless him or her.”

How touching it was.

We have no words other than to thank you partners for your love and humble concern. Your prosperity and success in every endeavor are always on our prime prayer lists. May God bless you forever.


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