Sewing Training Center

Sewing Training Center
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The sewing training center in the church is running effectively. There have been 25 women trained so far. They have been blessed by this training and it has become a source of blessing to their families. Many of them have already started sewing businesses from their homes and have become self-supporting which has provided food on their table. The sewing training has become an important means of sharing the Gospel to many other women who have never heard the name of Jesus even once. Hallelujah!

One lady’s husband left her after she gave birth to a girl. In the Nepali society, it is believed that only a son can take his parents to the eternal heaven and the son is the one who will look after his parents in their old age. However, daughters are considered to be the property of someone else’s house.

When we learned of her impoverished situation, we welcomed her to the sewing training center. We were impressed with her decision to become self-supporting and to take care of her fatherless daughter all on her own. We shared the Gospel with her. She found the ray of hope in her life. She also said that she found Jesus as her real Comforter with who she can grieve and weep and even enjoy life to the fullest. We feel gratified to introduce Jesus to her and see her growing actively in Jesus Christ. Today, her face glows radiantly, and her life has been transformed. She has started her own business and is able to afford to send her daughter to a very good school. Her daughter is studying in grade 4. While sewing clothes, she also tells others about her life testimony which has brought many other women to accept Jesus Christ.

Many women’s lives have changed since they first took the sewing training. They gain the confidence of self-independence and have become an influencing testimony to many women who were and still are victims. This is just what the program was started for… The seed was sown. Now the harvest is coming in! We thank you for partnering with us in this very practical life-changing program.

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