Sewing the wounds by the Love of Christ

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Mrs. T says, “After my husband died, I was left alone. I was helpless. My traditionalist society accused me of being a curse to my spouse’s death. I was completely confused to lead my life with three children. Weeping was not an option because I had to look after my children. I had no place to share my grief and pour out my turmoil. Laboring several hours in house construction work wouldn’t fulfill



my house expenses. I was strained to the limit. In the end, I had the privilege to know Jesus and find some caring people in the local church. I realized that everything happens for a reason, and Jesus loves me too.

After a few months, when I heard of a sewing center to be established at our church, it excited me. I was the first lady to raise my hand when the pastor asked us who was interested in the sewing training. It was like a ray of hope in my life. The training will provide me with new confidence to build my own business and be capable of looking after my children. Now I can be victorious over my enemy and show that the creator of the universe has my back. Thanks to those kind hearts who feel for us even though we don’t know each other.”

Dear partners, we have successfully established a new sewing training center in one of the most remote native villages in Central Nepal. We saw a huge potential and a need for women’s empowerment through sewing training in this locality. And we were right. God manifested His mighty powers and provided us with His divine provisions.

My beloved companions, I am truly blessed to have you as my companion to serve among my people. I highly appreciate your partnership and continued prayer support. May God endow you beyond blessings.

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