Sewing For The Future

Sewing For The Future
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Geeta from West Nepal is the eldest daughter in her family having four young siblings. After her parents’ death in a bus accident, while returning from a relative’s place, the responsibilities of her house and siblings became a burden on her shoulders.

One day, she was lured by one of her own relatives with false promises of good jobs in Mumbai, India but fortunately, she managed to escape at the Indo-Nepal border as she noticed some suspicious acts.
After her return, she began working in a villager’s field from 6 in the morning to 5 in the evening for a very low salary which worsened her health causing severe heart pain which turned out to be symptoms of tuberculosis. She became so weak that she couldn’t work anymore and had to lay on her bed. In many days for months, the poor family had to sleep with empty stomachs.

One day, Pastor Sankhar decided to do outreach in this place as he was regularly prompted by God’s voice inside him. As he reached her house, he noticed everything and it made him sorry to see a young lady with many responsibilities lying in a bed with a severe sickness. He didn’t preach then but read Exodus 15:26 and said a short prayer that made the room glow right after. Ps. Shankhar returned home, took some food, and gave it to her siblings. He shared the whole story to his church’s youth which encouraged all the youths to go to her home and look after her, her siblings, do the cooking, sweeping, feeding the livestock, etc., for one complete month.

Gradually, as her condition got better, she accepted Jesus along with her siblings. She was very thankful to God, the Pastor, and the entire youths. She was a brave girl who still wanted to carry on her household responsibilities.

Supporting her bravery, RHMI decided to send her to take sewing training and gift her a sewing machine, which helped her to earn some money, educate her siblings, and look after household expenses.
She is faithful in tithes and has started a fellowship in her own house bringing her relatives and neighbors to Christ.

Today, she has a big dream of opening a boutique, making it a meeting point to give sewing training, empower village women, develop individual potential, share her testimonies and do her best to prevent girls’ trafficking by making girls self-dependent and start a Christian women’s group.

You can make a difference supporting sewing training happening all over the Himalayas preventing them from sex trafficking for support for their family.

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