Sewing Centre Update

Sewing Centre Update
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We wanted to provide you with an update of what is going on with our sewing training centers that RHMI establishes to provide training for women that are at risk for sex trafficking. Since our January/February 2019 Newsletter report on a new sewing center in north-central Nepal on the Tibet border, RHMI has established 5 more sewing centers in south-central Nepal on the India border. They are up and running and right now 97 women are being trained.

In the previously established sewing centers there 21 women being trained right now. RHMI has trained 134 women in these centers.

So far, of those 134 women, 11 have started a sewing business in a shop in their village. 30 run sewing business in their own home. 5 work in a shop owned by another person. And 2 ladies have returned to their own villages and are now teaching other women at risk how to sew.

Women at one of the new sewing centers have made matching outfits for the church choir to wear. They made these as they were learning to sew.

We thank the partners of RHMI that have made this possible. Those women went from persons at risk for being sex-trafficked because they had no way to earn a living, to persons able to provide a good living for their families.

These women are so happy that they received the opportunity to become self-sufficient. They feel blessed that they can earn a living and support their families. These women are having a large impact in the communities where they are located. As they repair clothes or sell the clothes they have made, they can tell their testimony to others on a regular basis.

These villages where we currently have sewing centers are all close to a border with either India or Tibet where sex trafficking a problem. RHMI has identified other villages where we would like to establish sewing centers. Please pray that the Lord will provide resources that RHMI may start many more sewing training centers.

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