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Proverbs 17:17

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.


On this past mission trip, I had the privilege of meeting my oldest companions in God’s ministry. I was filled with joy to meet my brothers after such a long time. We sat together, ate together, shared our troubles, talked about our family situations, daily experiences, persecutions while ministering, testimonies, plans, churches situations, conditions of believers, personal needs, prayer requests, and much more. As we sat together, it was exciting to remember our old days and talk about our struggles and to see how far the Lord has brought us while ministering together in their areas.


This time, as I was listening to their daily turmoil, needs, and struggles, I felt their pain. But I also could not help but appreciate their confidence in the Lord at the same time.


It blessed me so much to hear Ps. S say, “if not today, then tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then the day later. But our struggles will one day bring great rewards. Our mighty God is not deaf nor blind. We are secure in His palm.”


As I listen to their confidence and faith in the Lord, I always find myself tiny in front of them. Their conviction in God helping them through bad situations is simply incredible. It energizes me to work more for God as I see my companions are the winners of many battles of their life.


May God bless the reader.

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