Providing Tools: For Our Pastors And Leaders In The Remote Unreached Villages

Providing Tools
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We were able to provide several of our Mission Stations with a mini size projector to take the Gospel to the remote unreached tribal villages where people have never seen the film about Jesus in their lifetime. It is very hard to share the Gospel in some areas due to persecution at present in the Himalayas.

The leaders must be aware of their surroundings and political culture in villages so they will not be accused of falsely and put into prison or beaten. Think about this… how hard it is to share the Gospel in such places. Please pray for our brothers as they go and share the Gospel.

Equipping them with a small speaker and 215 lessons from the Word of God on a small little SD card so they can learn where ever they go and teach to their own people. They were really excited to receive those voice amplifiers and speakers!

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