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August 5
Hallelujah! Greater things are happening all over the Himalayas.
Reach Himalaya Ministries Int’l has a greater appreciation for our prayer warriors and generous partners than words can express. Partners, through you… your prayers… your giving, people find hope! At times, our teams and other believers must be careful where they go to share the Gospel. Not only may they be beaten and robbed, but they also face severe weather and dangerous terrain. God’s hand is upon them and the Holy Spirit guides them to open hearts to share about Jesus and the love of a living God.

Your support supplies life necessities and encouragement to starving people in remote villages. Your prayers change things and help us all when things look bleak and situations appear difficult. We continue to praise God, preach the Gospel, encourage individuals that are terribly discouraged and fearful, and show them God’s love. You are helping us to share the Gospel of God’s great love and this is happening all over the Himalayas amid natural disasters and the coronavirus. Prayer and thankful hearts for the love of Jesus changes things!
Films on the life of Jesus have proven to be one of the best ways to let people in the Himalayas know about the sacrificial love of God. Countless people have been touched by the love of Christ as a result of watching films about Jesus.

Villagers gather to see why a team of missionaries have come to visit them and what message they have brought. It’s not uncommon for tears to stream down some of their faces as they learn, some for the first time, the story of Jesus’ love and sacrifice through our Jesus film ministry. RHMI teams try to provide the movie in their own tribal languages for better understanding.

We wholeheartedly thank our gracious partners for supporting us with portable and durable projectors we use in our Jesus film ministry. These tools are always a great asset in gospel sharing and winning souls more effectively.
We also thank our dearest partners who supported us with motorbikes speeding up our travels through miles of difficult terrain and facing many dangerous troubles, specially amid bad weather. Today, due to having the motorbikes, the works under RHMI are being produced with great outcomes in a double scale.

Dear Partners, this would not have been successful without your generosities and prayers. Thank you very much for your sacrificial support.

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