Help families in crisis during Nepal’s Lockdown

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Help families in crisis during Nepal’s Lockdown

Regarding the immediate pandemic situations caused by the COVID-19 virus, I am expressing a need for assistance for my people. This urgent humanitarian need brought on by the coronavirus lockdown does not allow my people to earn a living and they have no money to provide food to keep them from starving.  Nepal is currently entering the fourth week of full lockdown in response to the growing COVID-19 virus crisis.

Daily wage earners, seasonal and migrant workers are stranded without any source of income or food. The Government is mobilizing support but there is immediate support needed to prevent families from running out of food. This is our desperate situation.  We are making great efforts to purchase local produce whenever possible, to provide for our vulnerable families and ensure that your support benefits local farmers and local businesses alike.

Our goal is to provide 200 families with food kits as possible to support, especially during this critical period. Given the uncertainty of the lockdown in Nepal and the Himalayas.

In such worse and pathetic situations, we are not able to supply many with survival means. We need your prayers that we may receive what is needed to help our people in the remote villages.  One family of four can manage to survive on $50 a month. This act of kindness will remain in their hearts for it pertains to the Love of Jesus over their lives. Please remember us in your prayers.