Plunge in Christ

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Ps P says, “Pastor Haron, this is what I have understood about the decisive aspect of baptism – it is a way for believers to identify with Jesus in His death, burial, and resurrection. When people are baptized, they are symbolically dying to their old selves and being raised to new life in Christ. This identification with Jesus is a powerful reminder of the love, grace, and forgiveness that He offers to all who believe in Him. And I must say, today, these 21 newborn souls who decided to follow Jesus and allowed Him to change their lives have activated powerful expressions of the transformative power of God’s love and grace.”

It is an immense joy to welcome these amazing 21 souls who made the decision to follow Jesus and be obedient to Lord’s command to be baptized despite relentless persecution and temptation.

I am grateful to our faithful missionary leaders who encourage these new believers to take this vital step in their faith journey. Through their ceaseless dedication and hard work, they have transformed communities and helped to grow God’s family in the Himalayas.

I express my gratitude to our partners for their faithful generosity and love toward the people of the Himalayas. Your support has significantly impacted the lives of so many, and we are deeply grateful. May we continue to grow together in Christ.


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