Peddling To Do Evangelism

Peddling To Do Evangelism
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Pastor Kumar from West Nepal desperately prayed for a bicycle to make his evangelism efforts more effective and reach distant places timely, at times attend different places on the same trip, giving fellowships and taking care of believers in emergencies. Sometimes he was given money but on the trails that money would often get lost. After being depressed with such repetition he had only hope left in Jesus.

RHMI presented him with a bicycle. He was very overwhelmed and happy. He said that it was like a gift to a child asking his parents for his favorite toy.
Today, he travels to many distant places, many ups and downs through steep mountains and sometimes carrying his bicycle while crossing rivers. With this asset, today he has brought many souls to Jesus Christ.

Thank you partners for your love, prayers and generosities. RHMI is growing twice the speed, as ‘Bicycles’ have been a great asset in expanding God’s ministry.

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