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Pastor Issac has been ministering to God for more than 25 years even in every extreme situation of his life. There is not a corner of his village and neighboring villages where he hasn’t reached and shared the Gospel.

Unfortunately, he cannot visit and follow up with the people regularly due to the distance and the difficulty of traveling to some villages. To reach those villages it takes a whole day or sometimes more. During the travel, they pass through dense forests, climb steep mountains, trek along rough routes and desolate mountains. Because they don’t the proper gear to travel with, missionaries like Pastor Issac have encountered severe difficulties that sometimes causes long-term sickness.

Still, they will not stop sharing the Gospel. They say, ‘God’s kingdom is near and we still have so much more to do.’

Dear partners, this is the reason for my motivation as I mentioned in the introduction.

My heart becomes overwhelmed by the hardship of these faithful men and women of God. Thank you, partners, for loving my people and helping them to remain passionate about extending the kingdom of God. Because of your generosity, we were successful in distributing 28 travel kits to missionaries. Knowing someone cares enough about them to give these gifts encourages them to be even more faithful and hopeful in Christ. Thank you, partners, this is a big reason we appreciate and are grateful to God for letting us do the honor of distributing these travel kits.

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