Parentless cries

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As life in the most desolate high mountains is very harsh, the conditions of the children are even worse. Sometimes it is very difficult to explain the vulnerability of Himalayan children in words. There is no food, life, education, or social security in their favor. They are open to any harm and extremely vulnerable to life-threatening situations. Simply, to put it in a sentence, they have no future. They are just growing up in the woods and are ending their beautiful childhood in the dust.

My heart fills with a burden for them. I pray that these adorable and innocent hands would hold textbooks and see school doors but unfortunately, many don’t have parents. These children have their own tragic stories about their parents. Some of them haven’t ever known a father or mother. Some are completely orphaned. Some are being raised by their relatives while some are being raised by villagers. But it is difficult for these people to help these children. The ones who are raising them are helpless to feed them anymore because of poverty and their own life struggles. However, if these children could receive any external support for their studies, then they are likely to succeed and would have a brighter future.

Dear partners, would you kindly consider praying for them and their bright future? These adorable children are desperate to grow in Christ and read Bible in the Sunday school. But before that, they need to get enrolled in school to learn the letters.

In doing this, I am sure, we will be raising great native missionaries for the kingdom of Heaven.

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