Once Lost but Now Found

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After many years of contact, RHMI has established a RHMI family in a small group of tribal people who live in an isolated region of central Nepal. They were traditionally hunter-gatherers of the forest. This ethnic tribe is one of the most endangered communities in Nepal and owns no land. Until two decades ago, they were nomadic, however, gradually, most tribal members came to prefer the settled life in a village. But even today, their villages are remote and inaccessible.

Even though they have been persecuted and rejected, our missionaries faithfully maintained contact with these people. Two years ago, we helped them with food, clothing, and temporary shelter when they lost everything due to floods. We built toilets for them in their camp to help prevent disease. We were very grateful to our Lord when we saw 18 new believers take water baptism recently. New believers are increasing and there are many children here, among which we can establish a good children’s ministry. We also would like to start multiple community development projects. To start with, we want to construct a temporary shelter made up of a tin alloy, which is going to cost approximately $3000.

We are very grateful to our Lord who loves His children and has used us to reach these ethnic groups. We are also grateful to all our partners for loving our tribal groups of the Himalayas.

Kindly pray for these lost nomads who are now new souls in the kingdom of Heaven.

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